Pokemon Puzzle League is Coming to Switch Online, So, I Guess I’m Subscribing

Pokemon Puzzle League is Coming to Switch Online, So, I Guess I'm Subscribing

I never had a Nintendo 64 growing up, so it’s, unfortunately, one of the systems in video games I have the most blind spots for. And despite getting to play things like Pokemon Stadium and Conker’s Bad Fur Day at friends’ houses, there are still a handful of games from series I grew to love that I never played. That includes Pokemon Puzzle League, which Nintendo announced is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass subscription last night. So, despite having avoided subscribing to that apparent ripoff up to this point, I guess I’m about to become a (probably temporary) subscriber.

Pokemon Puzzle League was one of two Pokemon puzzle games based on Tetris Attack alongside Pokemon Puzzle Challenge for the Game Boy Color. The latter of which I played the hell out of as a kid, and frankly miss to this day. If I had any idea where the cartridge was I could probably play it instead of shelling out any money for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass subscription, but now that Puzzle League is going to be playable on Switch, this is probably the best of both worlds. The game will be available to subscribers starting July 15.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

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While it’s not like I’m short Pokemon games to play this year, it does feel nice to have something like Pokemon Puzzle League readily available to kill the time between now and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which will begin a new generation of the series on November 18. And it’s not just Professor Turo that’s got me excited for those games, I’m also pretty interested to see if it can pull off the open-world cooperative stuff Game Freak’s been promoting. Because who among us didn’t dream of going on a Pokemon journey with their friends as a kid?