PVP Rewards Changes in FFXIV Patch 6.2 — Your Last Chance for Archfiend Attire

PVP Rewards Changes in FFXIV Patch 6.2 — Your Last Chance for Archfiend Attire

It’s clear that we’re quickly rounding the corner on Patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy XIV. The Moogle Treasure Trove, an event that marks the road to the next patch, is currently in full swing. The FFXIV team is also talking about upcoming changes in the patch, like the transition to a new set of Tomestones.Another major change will be the end of the current Series and Season of PVP.

The current PVP Series kicked off alongside the launch of the new PVP mode, Crystalline Conflict. The FFXIV team added a new progression system with Series Malmstones and the Trophy Crystals currency, with the major reward being the fearsome Archfiend Attire.

As we anticipated, the current PVP Series is scheduled to end with Patch 6.2. And according to a post on the FFXIV Lodestone, we’ll be getting a new progression track with the new Series. When the current one ends, so does your chance to earn the current PVP rewards (although it seems you can still claim them if you’ve cleared the Malmstone). FFXIV’s long history is littered with past PVP rewards that remain just out of reach for current players. You don’t want to make that mistake as well, do you?

Patch 6.2 has no confirmed release date, but the FFXIV team says it should drop in “last August” which we anticipate to be either August 23 or 30. That means you have a month to grind out the rewards that strike your fancy, including the cool PVP emotes.

Once Patch 6.2 does launch, your Series EXP and level will reset and the list of available rewards will be replaced with a new progression track. Any rewards you unlocked in the previous Series can still be claimed until the end of Series 2 and after that, they’ll go away entirely. We assume there will be a new menu to claim previously-earned rewards.

Luckily, any Trophy Crystals you’ve earned will carry over from Series to Series! If you’ve dutifully been rocking it at PVP, you won’t lose all of those Trophy Crystals, giving you a leg up on gaining rewards in the next Series.

Patch 6.2 will see further PVP Job changes, as the FFXIV team continues to balance the Jobs for Crystalline Conflict and Frontlines. This process will likely become harder as the Rival Wings mode makes a return in this patch. The mode was previously removed for design changes and its new iteration will appear soon. For more on the upcoming update, check out our breakdown of everything we know about FFXIV Patch 6.2.