Raft: How to Craft (& Use) The Titanium Sword

Raft: How to Craft (& Use) The Titanium Sword

Raft has new Titanium Tools, including a Titanium Sword, that can be crafted after the blueprint is found, but it requires rare materials to make.

There are a lot of new items available to research and craft, including the Titanium Sword, which deals more damage than melee weapons that were previously available in Raft. After obtaining the blueprint near the end of the Final Chapter, players will be able to research and craft a Titanium Sword. It only takes a few resources to craft, but some can be difficult to obtain.

Before players gather materials and craft a Titanium Sword, they will need to locate the blueprint and bring it to a Research Table. Similar to the new Electric Smelter in Raft, the blueprint for the Titanium Sword can’t be found until the Final Chapter. After completing Temperance, players will go to the final island, Utopia, and the Titanium Tools blueprint can be found on the tower near where Olaf falls. The blueprint should be on one of the tables.


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Along with the new Sword, the Titanium Tools blueprint unlocks a new type of Arrow, Hook, and Axe. All of the Titanium Tools require Titanium Ingots, which is one of the more difficult resources to collect. However, there are a few ways to farm for this material. Along with the three Titanium Ingots, the Titanium Sword also requires three Scraps, two Ropes, and two Bolts.

How To Get More Titanium Ingots & Craft A Titanium Sword In Raft

Raft How to Craft & Use The Electric Smelter Using Smelter

In order to craft the two Bolts, players will need to go underwater and use the Hook to collect two Metal Ore. Metal Ore can be placed in a Smelter or Electric Smelter to create Metal Ingots, and players can then use this resource in Raft to craft Bolts. Scraps can also be found underwater and collected with the Hook, but players may also find them in barrels floating in the ocean. To create Ropes, Palm Leaves are needed and can be found floating in the water. Alternatively, Palm Leaves can be collected by chopping down Palm Trees with an Axe.

To gather Titanium Ore efficiently, players should head to Tangaroa Island and search for the briefcases that randomly spawn inside the buildings. Additionally, a Metal Detector can be used while exploring any large island to find Titanium Ore more easily. Only three Titanium Ore are needed to craft the Sword, so it shouldn’t take too long to gather enough. The Titanium Ore can then be placed inside a Smelter or Electric Smelter to turn it into Titanium Ingots.

Once all of the materials are collected, players can craft a Titanium Sword and start using it to take on Sharks and other hostile creatures. Although the blueprint can only be found in Raft after completing Temperance and Utopia, the Titanium Sword is worth crafting to continue adventuring after the story concludes. The new Titanium Sword is better than other melee weapons in Raft and deals 20 damage per hit, so it’s worthwhile to find the blueprint and craft one.

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Raft is available for PC and Linux.

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