Resident Evil: What Rose Taking The Lead Means

Resident Evil: What Rose Taking The Lead Means

Rose is old enough to take the role of main character, but what will the time skip required for her mean for the RE franchise going forward?

The Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC will star Ethan’s daughter, Rose Winters, in the role of protagonist. Given how big the time skip needs to be in order for Rose to be old enough to pick up the leading role, Capcom seems ready to move onto the next generation of Resident Evil characters. Players might have to say goodbye to the characters they’ve enjoyed in the franchise up to this point, but there’s a lot of potential in switching to a new set of recurring characters, especially when one has the ability to control the Mold.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Resident Evil Village.]


Resident Evil Village follows Ethan Winters after the events of RE7 where he found and saved his wife from the influence and infection of Eveline. In Resident Evil Village, Ethan faces death and endless danger as he hunts for his daughter, Rose, to save her from Mother Miranda’s plans. Ethan puts his own body under stress and ends up injured multiple times for the sake of having Rose back, safe and sound.

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RE games have featured a set of recurring characters since the beginning of the franchise, who in turn work with some characters who are unique to, and tend to only appear in, one title. As the games progress through years, the characters that players are the most familiar with are growing older. Because of this trend, it makes sense to let characters like Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy retire from the business of containing and eliminating biohazards.

Rose As A Leading RE Character Requires A Hefty Time Skip

Rose and Mia Winters family photo Resident Evil Village

For the RE Village Shadows of Rose DLC, Rose is listed as being 16 years old. Because she was born in 2020, this means that Shadows of Rose will take place in late 2036 or early 2037. By then, Chris Redfield will officially be around 63 years old, and presumably in need of a break from handling viruses, evil corporations, and mutants for decades. However, there are still characters from the past who could show up as veterans to lend help to Rose, such as Sherry or Barry’s daughter, Moira.

RE has been around for decades, and because the games are set on a specific timeline with exact years and dates, the characters in the games will age. Therefore, it’ll be time to move onto a new generation of recurring characters in the leading roles for RE games, and Rose Winters is the perfect start with her unique heritage and powers. Rose might be a protagonist for the moment, but there’s no way to know how she’ll use her abilities, which are stronger than even Eveline’s, in the future beyond Resident Evil Village’s DLC.

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