Return to Monkey Island Brings Back Original Director 30 Years Later

Return to Monkey Island Brings Back Original Director 30 Years Later

Back in 2016, Ron Gilbert asked Disney and LucasFilm Games to sell him the rights to its Monkey Island IP, as the company wasn’t really doing anything with the point-and-click adventure series at the time. While the sale never happened, six years later, Gilbert is returning to the pirate adventure game with a new entry aptly titled Return to Monkey Island.

As of right now, the game only has a brief teaser trailer, which pokes fun at Gilbert’s absence from the series since the 90s, but doesn’t give much away as far as major details. But Gilbert is getting major credit in Return to Monkey Island, as the trailer goes as far as to call out his involvement. The game is currently set to launch in 2022.

While the series’ height was back when the first two games launched in the 90s, Monkey Island did have a few entries in the 2000s, such as Escape from Monkey Island, which is the last game to be released under LucasArts. But Telltale also had its hand in the series with Tales of Monkey Island, which was released episodically in 2009.

In other news:

I had fully intended at one point in writing up this news to make the entire thing a gag about how there’s a Monkey Island reference in Uncahrted 4 in which protagonist Nathan Drake is looking at paintings of prolific pirates from across history, including one that is a reference to Monkey Island protagonist Guybrush Threepwood. I thought about writing a big ol’ blog post about how cool it was that someone was extrapolating that painting in Uncharted 4 into a whole game as anyone who was born before or during the 90s very suddenly crumbled to dust. But the idea was shot down by Fanbyte Managing Editor and Monkey Island sicko Steven Strom. So you can thank them for sparing you that psychic wound.