RWBY Season 9 Trailer Reveals A New World & Anime Return Release Date

RWBY Season 9 Trailer Reveals A New World & Anime Return Release Date

A teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated RWBY season 9 reveals when the anime will return, along with a glimpse at Team RWBY’s upcoming adventure.

The release date for RWBY season 9 is revealed in a new trailer for the anime. Monty Oum’s hit fantasy series premiered season 8 in November 2020, with the season finale airing in March 2021. The show follows four teenage girls, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang as they assemble Team RWBY to battle the monsters plaguing their world, called the Grimm, while their home, known as The Remnant, remains on the brink of war.

A new teaser trailer posted to Rooster Teeth Animation’s YouTube channel for RWBY season 9 reveals the release date for the highly-anticipated season 9. While an exact date has not yet been announced, the end of the trailer promises that RWBY season 9 is to premiere in early 2023. Watch the official trailer below.


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RWBY’s season 8 finale ended on a major cliffhanger. Antagonists Salem and Cinder finally secured two Relics of the Remnant, bringing them closer to Salem’s plan for destroying the world. Meanwhile, the kingdoms of Atlas and Mantle were destroyed as Ace-Ops watched in horror. Ruby Rose’s signature weapon, Crescent Moon, was also stabbed.

The trailer for season 9 sees Team RWBY forced into an unknown world, deemed the “Ever After”. It shows the team exploring this new world and the description for the trailer references they might be familiar with this new place after all. It’s an interesting tease of what comes next, suggesting that season 9 will be an exciting entry. While RWBY season 8 ended on a harrowing note, audiences will soon learn what happens when the story continues early next year.

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Source: Rooster Teeth Animation

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