Sam Raimi Details Reuniting With Kevin Feige For Doctor Strange 2

Sam Raimi Details Reuniting With Kevin Feige For Doctor Strange 2

Spider-Man director Sam Raimi details his working relationship with Kevin Feige for their reunion on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Director Sam Raimi has detailed his reunion and early meetings with Kevin Feige before taking the reins on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Since starting his directorial career in 1977, Raimi has become one of the most influential genre filmmakers in the industry. This is particularly true of his work in the horror genre, for which he created the iconic Evil Dead franchise. As his career progressed, Raimi worked his way to helming the original Spider-Man trilogy, which proved to be immensely successful and beloved, as evidenced by the anticipation around star Tobey Maguire’s return in Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Raimi now finds himself reunited with the world of Marvel as he is helming the upcoming MCU sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. After the director of the original Doctor Strange film, Scott Derrickson, exited the project due to creative differences, Raimi was hired as his replacement — much to the delight of those familiar with his work in the genre. Despite having had somewhat of a hiatus from directing, with his last feature being Oz the Great and Powerful in 2013, Raimi has seemingly slotted back into the role with relative ease as Doctor Strange 2 is gearing up for its imminent release on May 6.

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In an interview with Moviepilot, Raimi detailed the early days of his consultation with Marvel Studios and his reunion with Marvel President Feig for Multiverse of Madness. Detailing his return to Marvel, Raimi brought up the fact that Feige had been an associate producer on the original Spider-Man trilogy before joking, “thank goodness I was nice to him.” The director then went on to describe the initial interview he had with Feige before taking on Doctor Strange 2, and how his creative concerns were addressed.

“Kevin pulled me in for an interview on Doctor Strange 2 and I said to them here’s what I thought of the script, here’s what I think we need to do, so I’d like to move forward if you guys will have me as the director but just know this. And I’ve often run into problems with production teams on this point; I say I need ten storyboard artists starting tomorrow. I need six animators starting tomorrow. I need two character design people starting tomorrow and I’m not exaggerating. Usually, the studio says “we’re not spending that kind of money, we don’t hire this many storyboard artists, you can have one or two”. Kevin leans forward and says “Sam, you’re not gonna have ten storyboard artists, you’re gonna have twenty. And you’re not gonna have three animators, you’re gonna have twelve.” And I thought “oh my gosh, he knows how to do this, of course”. He’s been making these movies, it’s not a new thing for him. He’s taken what we did together and he’s expanded it and this is now a machine, a well-oiled machine, for making superhero movies. So, I was incredibly elated and surprised at how ready they were in the right way to make the movie.”

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Raimi’s comments are illuminating as they prove just how efficient Marvel Studios has become in producing its films, and the enormous resources at the studio’s disposal. As mentioned previously, Raimi had not directed a feature for the better part of a decade before signing on to Doctor Strange 2, and the veteran filmmaker is no stranger to difficulties with production studios. Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 was infamously meddled with to the degree that both audiences and the director himself were largely unsatisfied with the final product, which was criticised for an over-complicated plot and poor script. Understandably, Raimi may have been reluctant to work within a giant like Marvel again. However, it seems that working under Feige, who Raimi has a professional past with and could provide abundant resources, bolstered the director’s confidence in tackling another superhero property.

While audiences will have to wait and see whether Multiverse of Madness lives up to expectations, many are simply excited that Raimi is back in the director’s chair. Hopefully, despite joining the project at a later stage, Raimi’s unique vision is able to shine through. Considering the director’s reacquaintance with the Marvel universe, there has been increased speculation that Raimi could even revive his cancelled Spider-Man 4. Raimi himself has addressed this and seems enthusiastic to return, along with Maguire. Regardless, if Raimi does end up taking another project in the MCU after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s clear that he’ll have everything he needs at his disposal.

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Source: Moviepilot

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