Save On Amazon’s Echo Frames, Auto, And Buds With Prime Day 2022 Deals

Save On Amazon's Echo Frames, Auto, And Buds With Prime Day 2022 Deals

The Echo line is no longer just speakers and smart displays, and Prime Day 2022 means big savings on Amazon’s smart glasses and earbuds.

Amazon is offering plenty of Prime Day 2022 savings on Echo products, including its ‘Echo on the go’ devices. Amazon’s Echo lineup might be better known for the speakers and smart displays, but it has been expanding in recent years to other products. This includes wearables like Echo Frames and Echo Buds, as well as Echo Auto, a version specifically designed to add Alexa to the car

Amazon launched its first-generation Echo Frames back in 2019 but these were more designed as a proof-of-concept device. It wasn’t really until late 2020 when consumers were able to get their hands on their own pair with the release of the second-generation version. Even though there’s no shortage of smart glasses available to buy in 2022, Amazon’s do have the benefit of somewhat looking like a normal pair of glasses.


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For those considering picking up a pair of Echo Frames, they are now on sale at $99.99 as part of Amazon’s Prime Day 2022. These smart glasses typically cost $249.99, so this is a fairly big saving on the price. Different people do require different lenses so it will be important to make sure to buy the right pair. For example, Amazon offers Echo Frames (2nd Gen) smart glasses in various colors and with prescription-ready frames. Alternatively, buyers can opt for a pair with standard, polarized, or blue-light-filtering lenses. If opting for one of the ‘with lenses’ versions, the price increases to $119.99, which is still a major discount on the usual $269.99 asking price. When checking out all of the Prime Day 2022 Echo Frames deals on Amazon, make sure to choose between Blue Light Filtering, Prescription Ready, or Sunglasses under Style to filter by lens type.

Savings On Echo Buds And Auto As Well

Echo Auto

For those less interested in a pair of smart glasses and more in need of a new pair of earbuds, it might be worth taking a look at Amazon’s Echo Buds. Now on their second-generation, these earbuds come with support for Alexa, an IPX4 water resistance rating, wireless charging, and also active noise cancellation. The latter of which makes it possible to enjoy a richer and more tuned-in listening experience even in nosier environments. In terms of battery life, these earbuds offer up to five hours on a single charge and up to 15 hours when utilizing the charging case. The Echo Buds (2nd Gen) normally cost $119.99, but can currently be picked up for just $49.99 with a wired charging case. If wanting the wireless charging case as well, the price climbs to $89.99, which is still less than the usual $139.99 retail price.

As mentioned, Amazon has also discounted its Echo Auto device. Similar to how the Frames and Buds look to offer on-the-go Alexa support, Echo Auto does the same for the car. Essentially, Echo Auto is a small device that can be used in the car and acts as a bridge to the user’s smartphone, making it possible to hands-free play music, set reminders, make calls, and control smart home products. Amazon’s Echo Auto normally costs $49.99 but is currently on sale for $19.99 for Prime Day 2022.

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