Secret Marvel Character Cameo Confirmed

Secret Marvel Character Cameo Confirmed

Following the MCU show’s premiere, fans spotted a Moon Knight episode 1 Easter egg that confirmed a secret source comics character cameo.

The long-awaited premiere of Marvel’s Moon Knight has finally arrived, and with it comes an exciting Easter egg in the form of a familiar comic book character. The Disney+ series is a part of the MCU’s Phase 4, which officially began with WandaVision at the beginning of 2021. Since Marvel pushed its theatrical slate once again due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, no new Phase 4 content has been released since December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, making Moon Knight more anticipated than ever.

With the launch of their Disney+ shows, Marvel has been able to cull decades’ worth of comics lore to bring forth some of their lesser-known heroes into live-action projects. Moon Knight was first introduced in 1975 as Marc Spector, a CIA operative with dissociative identity disorder who becomes imbued with the spirit of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. Along his journeys as a crime fighter, Moon Knight encounters a slew of friends and foes, though the extent to which the new MCU show will stick to the source material has been a matter of much speculation.


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Now, following the show’s premiere on March 30, one Moon Knight episode 1 Easter egg caught the eye of comic readers. The episode picks up with one of Spector’s alters, Steven Grant, a mild-mannered man working at a museum in London as a socially awkward gift shop clerk with a penchant for studying ancient Egyptian history. Steven has little-to-no social life, and so spends his downtime in a park conversing with a man painted gold and posing as a living statue – the definition of a captive audience. After fans caught the character’s name in the credits, however, head writer Jeremy Slater confirms via Twitter that this golden mystery man is none other than Moon Knight’s civilian ally, Bertrand Crawley. Check out Slater’s tweet below:

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Since Moon Knight is known as more of a street-level hero, he relies on the street smarts of his allies to help him stay informed. In the comics, Crawley is a vagrant with an alcohol problem, but he is well-connected among certain crime circles in New York’s underground. He comes to act as Moon Knight’s informant, keeping the hero abreast of whispers about impending crimes. Thanks to Crawley’s intel, Moon Knight is able to stop various villains and even serial killers terrorizing New York City, and while the character is far from a household name, he is beloved among comic book fans.

One of the most exciting parts of watching the MCU unfold is the anticipation of Easter eggs in every new project. From Howard the Duck’s Guardians of the Galaxy cameo to Evan Peters appearing as “Quicksilver” in WandaVision, Kevin Feige and his creative team know how to excite fans, having successfully captured their audience’s attention for 14 years using these secret nods to the comic book mythology. With Slater’s confirmation of Crawley’s appearance, the excitement for Moon Knight has amplified, and fans surely can’t wait to see what else is in store for this character.

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Source: Jeremy Slater/Twitter

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