Siesta Key Fans Don’t Think Chloe Trautman Has Changed After Petty Tweet

Siesta Key Fans Don't Think Chloe Trautman Has Changed After Petty Tweet

After Chloe Trautman’s petty tweet about Sam Logan’s latest girlfriend on Siesta Key, fans don’t believe the star has actually changed.


Chloe Trautman swears she’s not the girl she was at the start of Siesta Key, but fans are calling her bluff after a petty tweet she posted about Sam Logan’s post-Juliette Porter rebound Meghan. When Chloe reemerged for part one of Siesta Key season 4, she had reinvented herself as a spiritual yogi, and she blindly hoped everyone could forget her past and embrace the new her. Unfortunately, her friends were having a hard time believing Chloe had actually changed, and they also weren’t accepting of her new spiritual lifestyle. Despite what her friends thought, Chloe continued on with her spiritual journey, is now married to the equally enlightened Chris Long, and claims to be doing better than ever.


The Siesta Key star has come a long way since the start of the show when she was constantly inserting herself into other people’s business and starting drama seemingly for her own entertainment. In earlier seasons of the show, Chloe seemed to have tabs on what all of her costars were doing and was not afraid to air out their dirty laundry in front of everyone. Fans saw this side of Chloe most recently during the Siesta Key season 4 part one reunion special when Chloe told everyone that Brandon Gomes had hooked up with Jordana Barnes the night before. Moments like these are why friends like Kelsey Owens have questioned how much she has actually changed. Chloe also had quite the temper in earlier seasons, and during the first season of the show, she got in a bad fight with costar Amanda Miller, resulting in a broken nose.

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However, the star swears the old her is dead and gone, and she’s been reborn as a new Chloe. Unfortunately, fans aren’t buying it after the Siesta Key star posted a pretty low-vibrational tweet about her friend Juliette’s replacement. In the latest episode of the show, Amanda got candid with Meghan about Sam’s true intentions with her, which are to make Juliette jealous. Chloe let fans on Twitter know that more was to come once she crossed paths with Meghan in upcoming episodes. “Hey Meghan if you think @amandamarie2083 is harsh, wait till you meet me,” Chloe tweeted. “(Stay tuned for the rest of the season, we are just getting started) #SiestaKey.” Fans were quick to point out that the tweet is definitely not in alignment with the person Chloe claims to be.

Hey Meghan if you think @amandamarie2083 is harsh, wait till you meet me. (Stay tuned for the rest of the season, we are just getting started) #SiestaKey

— Chloe Trautman (@chloe_trautman) April 8, 2022

The new Chloe avoids drama, favors peace, and is constantly working on bettering herself. Fans think the star’s tweet completely contradicts her spiritual beliefs. “And we can always see how Chloe hasn’t changed… again,” User Andrea Sanchez replied. Several other fans called out Chloe’s tweet as well, claiming that an evolved person wouldn’t tweet something like that and that Chloe is immature and loves being the villain on the show. Chloe opened up in recent episodes of the show that the accusation that she hasn’t changed is a big trigger for her. During a confrontation with Jordana over what occurred during the reunion episode, the star said Chloe is the same person she’s always been, and the comment deeply affected the star. Unfortunately, fans seem to be on Jordana’s side of the argument.

If Chloe says she’s changed, then fans should just take her word for it, right? Unfortunately, the tweet does seem to go against everything the star preaches about. If she believes in love and light as much as she claims to, she should probably stay out of all the Siesta Key drama with Meghan. If she does feel the need to get involved, then maybe she’s not as far along on her spiritual journey as she thinks she is. It might be best if Chloe sits this one out and lets her friends handle the Meghan and Sam situation.

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Sources: Chloe Trautman/ Twitter, Andrea Sanchez/ Twitter

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