Signs Kim Kardashian May Go Back To Kanye West

Signs Kim Kardashian May Go Back To Kanye West

The Kardashians’ star Kim Kardashian knows that Kanye West wants her back. He’s the father of her kids and that means there will always be a bond.

The Hulu show The Kardashians will fill fans in on the recent life and times of Kim Kardashian, and the onscreen action may leave some viewers wondering if she’ll take Kanye West back someday. With the show releasing on the streaming platform on April 14, it’s safe to say that fans are looking forward to seeing Kim’s journey unfold, as her breakup with Kanye grows increasingly messy in real time. There are some subtle signals that she may not be done with her ex forever.

Most couples don’t face the pressures of fame the way that Kim from The Kardashians and Kanye did while they were together. Two mega-famous people joining forces really got noticed, and for a while, they seemed to balance each other out. Kanye brought some cachet to Kim’s life, via his singular genius. She became the muse of a rapper whose influence extends far beyond the music scene. Meanwhile, Kanye was able to evolve as a person by settling down. That was something he’d never really been able to do before. The pair brought glamour, creativity and excitement to the pop culture realm, but the downside was the very public airing of their dirty laundry, some of which was done, memorably, by Kanye himself.


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Kim may have reached her breaking point after Kanye took to Twitter to cast aspersions on her and Kris. He even dragged the name of their daughter North West into the mix. This breach of trust was very serious, and it made many fans anticipate a breakup. Rumors of an impending split had been swirling for months when the news finally broke that KUWTK icon Kim had filed for divorce. Kanye has had trouble adjusting to the new normal. He’s been acting out, and while Kim remains with Pete Davidson, it’s possible that some of Kanye’s pleas for another chance are touching her heart. Here are some reasons why they could be:

Pete Davidson May Not Be Her Forever Person

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Pete Davidson is a very funny guy who has a history of dating very famous women, and his penchant for trophy girlfriends may have led him to pursue Kim Kardashian, with whom he appeared on Saturday Night Live. Before Kim, Pete had a high-profile romance with Ariana Grande, but their engagement didn’t work out. Before Ariana, he dated Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie David. After Ariana, he dated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress, Margaret Qualley. Since Pete, who says he treats women like queens, is known for relationships that don’t last, he may not be Kim’s forever person.

Kim and Kanye Are Parents


It’s been a long time since Kim and Kanye became friends, began flirting, and then got serious. They have so much history together, including four wonderful children. Even though they’ve split, they share a sizable family, which means that there will always be something between them. While things aren’t so great between the two superstars at the moment, life is filled with twists and turns. It’s possible that both of them could turn a corner and realize that they are better off together, raising their children as a unit.

Kim May Miss Kanye’s Creativity

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Pete Davidson is talented, but he may not be on the same level as Kanye, who’s thrilled fans with his music, fashion and grandiose confidence for years. Kanye will go down in history for his best works, such as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. While some of Kanye’s recent work isn’t as critically-acclaimed, he’s undeniably a heavyweight in the music industry, and his personality is intensely creative. Kim may miss the inspiration that Kanye brought, even though it had a terrible downside sometimes.

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While Kim seems content to move on, and has a lot to look forward to, including the debut of The Kardashians, she may spend some of her time looking back. When she reminisces, she may remember a lot of good times, as well as a plethora of stressful drama. Lots of exes have mixed emotions and send each other mixed messages. Right now, Kim’s message to Kanye is clear, but in the future, she may be more open to the idea of reconciling with him.

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