Sims 4 Trolls Players in Update by Putting Infamous Ring Girl Everywhere

Sims 4 Trolls Players in Update by Putting Infamous Ring Girl Everywhere

The Sims 4 team released a new main menu for the game this week, and used it as an opportunity to troll players with the infamous Ring Girl Sim.

A new update to the Sims 4’s main menu was released today, and the Sims team used it as an opportunity to troll the game’s fanbase with the widely hated Sim known as “Ring Girl.” The game has seen many changes over its 7 years lifespan, receiving a huge amount of bug fixes, new content, and gameplay mechanics through Sims 4 updates. The Sims 4 has one of the largest player bases in gaming, having sold over 36 million copies since its release in 2014.

While most updates for The Sims 4 address in-game content, throughout the years the game’s main menu has seen some substantial changes as well. Alongside cataloging players’ DLC, some portions of the main menu also highlight key features in the game as a way of offering tips to players, which often show Sims partaking in the activity being highlighted. A Sim featured using a cellphone quickly went viral in the game’s community as soon as they appeared on the menu due to their intense facial expression. Although not nearly as large of an issue as things like Sims 4 bugs and glitches, many players joked about how the Sim – dubbed “Ring Girl” by fans – was haunting them, appearing on the home screen at every login.


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It appears the Sims 4 team is in on the joke, trolling players with Ring Girl alongside their release of a new update focusing on main menu design. The Sims Twitter account not only announced the update with a picture of Ring Girl but changed both their profile picture and profile header image to feature the infamous Sim. They also revealed Ring Girl will now be available for download on the game’s online gallery. Fans had big reactions immediately – user LuddySimmer posted a screenshot of Ring Girl’s gallery page and called The Sims team “iconic” for their acknowledgment of the meme. Although many fans have found the team trolling fans hilarious, the EA patch notes disappointingly don’t mention any new content for The Sims 4, and include only sparse bug fixes to the game – the entire update focuses mainly on the new UI. User Dejate_Atrapar commented on this with a meme, pointing out how a “new look” for the game has been prioritized over highly-requested game fixes.

Ring Ring Simmers! 📱 Have you seen me on the new main menu? 🤩 Well, alongside today’s update, I’m now available on the gallery to download🙌🥳

— The Sims (@TheSims) April 26, 2022

Although the Sims team announcing this new update with a sort of inside joke with fans is very clever, the actual substance included in the update is found wanting. There are a few welcome bug fixes – such as manicured nails clipping through hands, and in-game scenarios ending if Sims moved households – but no large problems have been addressed, and no new content has been added to the game. Many players have questioned if a new menu for the game was even necessary, and view this as a continuation of EA’s trend of focusing on new content over the improvement of previous releases – for example, earlier this year a new kit was released for The Sims 4 before the unplayably bugged My Wedding Stories received any fixes.

The fact that the Sims team is aware of players disliking Ring Girl is proof they are at least somewhat in tune with the game’s community, yet they more often than not fail to take fan opinions into consideration when it comes to updates and new content for the game. The Ring Girl takeover of the game’s Twitter page is undeniably funny, but the lack of content behind it has been disappointing for fans. However, with a new Sims 4 roadmap coming in May, players can remain hopeful that larger updates are coming soon.

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