Skyrim On PC Will Finally Have Working Multiplayer After 11 Years

Skyrim On PC Will Finally Have Working Multiplayer After 11 Years

The Together Team will soon release their redesigned multiplayer Skyrim mod, Skyrim Together Reborn, which will fix their original mod’s issues.

The massively successful 2011 RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting an improved multiplayer mod called Skyrim Together Reborn, which will be released on July 8. The Together Team’s original multiplayer mod, Skyrim Together, became incompatible with the latest version of Skyrim last year, prompting the group to rewrite the mod completely. Skyrim Together was quite popular before it was discontinued, despite the fact that it was plagued with technical issues that often made the game unplayable. The redesigned version promises to be far more functional, finally letting fans play with their friends with relative ease, even on Skyrim’s Special and Anniversary editions.


Like its predecessor, Skyrim Together Reborn allows players to either host their own servers (locally or through a VPN service like Hamachi) or use a third-party provider. Third-party hosting is easier, but doesn’t allow customization, while players who host their own servers can tweak server and gameplay settings. Like Skyrim Together, all players on a server must have the same mods installed to ensure the most stable experience.

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Though this is the community’s best option for multiplayer Skyrim, it is far from perfect, and the Together Team makes this clear on their website. However, they do have a few tips to avoid bugs and crashes. Unlike the mod’s previous iteration, where questing was guaranteed to cause issues, Reborn has quest syncing in the form of a party system, but players must escape being imprisoned in Elder Scrolls’ ongoing trope at the start of the game before they can get into multiplayer. When the party leader progresses a quest, all party members automatically match their progress, but only party leaders should talk to quest NPCs or interact with mandatory quest scenes. Quest items should also go to the party leader, and groups should stick to one party leader per playthrough, as switching leaders could break quests. Also, players are recommended to have one party per server, as multiple parties might interfere with each other. Players should save often (which is a good habit anyway), and if they do run into issues, there’s a debugger menu meant to fix quest glitches.

Multiplayer Mod Skyrim Together Reborn Promises To Fix Most Of Skyrim Together’s Problems

A roaring fire in Whiterun's occupied throne room in Skyrim

Regardless, Reborn is sure to be an improvement, and the new questing system is just the tip of the iceberg. However, players should still avoid recruiting Skyrim followers, which are not well-integrated. The original Skyrim Together had other players operate like NPCs, which meant they could detect sneaking players and make them visible to actual NPCs. Now players can no longer detect each other. While the original mod had trouble synchronizing items – static containers were synced, but NPCs and dropped items often weren’t – Reborn promises to synchronize player and NPC inventories, container contents (except in Vanilla homes), and dropped and pickpocketed items. Loose items that are picked up are not always synced.

Projectiles, magic, and shouts are still fully synchronized, and status effect spells like “fear” cannot be used on other players. Now when players die, they respawn nearby instead of loading a recent save. Features like player transformations, puzzles, locks, and Skyrim’s plot hole-causing horses are better synced as well. One of Skyrim Together’s less debilitating problems was that players did not share XP. Skyrim Together Reborn has a clever XP synchronization system when it comes to combat skills: When a party member gains XP in a combat skill, the rest of the party receives the same amount of XP in whatever combat skill they used last. This better ensures that parties will progress at the same rate, and makes the Skyrim mod feel like a true multiplayer RPG experience.

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Source: The Together Team

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