Skyrim: The Best Gameplay Mods For 2022

Skyrim: The Best Gameplay Mods For 2022

For players looking to add to various gameplay mechanics in Skyrim, there are tons of mods that can support the existing lore while adding content.

For players who want to add gameplay to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are many mods that can change the vanilla experience. There have been Skyrim mods almost as long as the game has existed, and many mods change fundamental gameplay elements to deliver a different experience.

Both PC and console players can mod Skyrim. For consoles, it’s often as simple as downloading the mod and installing it. For PC, players can find mods at popular sites like Nexus Mods and download them with a Mod Manager. In addition to finding gameplay mods, players can also download mods that change the landscape and textures. Regardless of how players want to change the base game, there are plenty of mods to experiment with.


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Skyrim’s gameplay mods can range from simple add-ons to complete story and lore changes. The best part about Skyrim mods is that there are infinite combinations and possibilities, so plays can dive into mods as profoundly, or shallowly, as they want.

The Best Gameplay Mods for Skyrim

Skyrim 2022 Gameplay Mods Combat Overhaul

Combat Gameplay Overhaul SE

Combat Gameplay Overhaul SE is a mod player can find on Nexus Mods that add features to Skyrim’s combat and movement. It introduces dodge rolls, leaning, grip changes, mid-air combat, hitting with staffs, dual-wielding two-handed weapons, and more. In addition to adding more fighting methods, it changes and improves weapon animations when switching from first to third person. For the Skyrim gamer who loves the fighting mechanic but wants more than the vanilla offering, this mod adds significant changes to the combat system.

Quick Loot RE Mod for Skyrim

Skyrim 2022 Gameplay Mods Quick Loot RE

The Quick Loot RE mod for Skyrim changes the looting system to allow players to loot enemies and chests much faster. In the vanilla game, players need to open the inventory, select what they want, close, and repeat for other enemies. With Quick Loot, players can speed up this process. The mod does not change the amount or type of loot dropped. Instead, it simply speeds up the process of collecting loot from a chest in Skyrim.

More Dangerous Enemies 3.2 Mod for Skyrim

Skyrim 2022 Gameplay Mods more dangerous enemies

The More Dangerous Enemies 3.2 mod adds in tough new variants of enemies. Some of these enemies have unique looks and abilities, new weapons, and new combat styles. Players who have played through the Vanilla Skyrim many times will find the enemies and changes with this mod challenging. In addition to changing base game enemies, the mod also brings in monsters from the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs, so players will encounter many new enemies in the wilderness and have to put up more of a fight for survival.

The Skyrim Fishing SE Mod

Skyrim Gameplay Mod Fishing 2022

Skyrim Fishing SE, another Nexus Mods find, does exactly what its name implies; it’s a mod that adds a proper fishing mechanic to Skyrim. Instead of grabbing fish directly out of the water, players can now use fishing poles, nets, and bait to catch fish. For players who want something a bit more explosive, they can also use spells and “Dwarven boomfishing” to catch fish. In addition to fish, players can also find new sellable junk, so players will never know what they’ll find in the waters of Skyrim.

The Tame the Beasts of Skyrim Mod

Skyrim Gameplay Mod Tame Beasts 2022

With Tame the Beasts of Skyrim II, found on Nexus Mods, players can befriend and tame the various creatures in Skyrim instead of just killing them. With tamed beasts, players can bring their new pets on adventures and quests. Beyond just taming beasts and riding bears through Solitude, players can also breed various beasts together to create powerful hybrids. It’s a fun, new way to approach Skyrim without completely changing the lore of the base game, and it adds some interesting gameplay.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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