Spider-Man 4 Fan Poster Imagines Peter & MJ’s Daughter as Spider-Girl

Spider-Man 4 Fan Poster Imagines Peter & MJ’s Daughter as Spider-Girl

A new fan poster for Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 pitches the idea of introducing Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s daughter as Spider-Girl.

A new fan poster for Spider-Man 4 imagines what the movie could look like if Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s daughter became Spider-Girl. Before Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland took on the role of Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire played the role for all three of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies alongside Kirsten Dunst (MJ) between 2002-2007. While all three movies brought in big numbers for Sony and a script for a fourth film was complete, Spider-Man 4 was canceled in 2010. Instead of giving Raimi another shot, Sony decided to reboot the franchise in 2012 with Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s not a secret that Sony ran into a similar issue with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is partly why Spider-Man was allowed to join the MCU.


Fans have been clamoring for Spider-Man 4 essentially since it was canceled, but there was a renewed interest in the long-lost sequel after Maguire returned as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home. After villains from past Spider-Man movies including Electro, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Sandman, and the Lizard were confirmed to be appearing in No Way Home, it was assumed Garfield and Maguire were as well. This of course turned out to be true, and seeing their versions of Spider-Man back up on the big screen caused people to call for both Spider-Man 4 and The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to happen. 

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There has been no indication from Sony that Spider-Man 4 will happen, but that hasn’t stopped fans from taking it into their own hands to imagine what the movie could look like. One example is this fan poster from artoftimetravel, which shows the return of Maguire and Dunst as their Spider-Man characters as well as an unknown actor playing Spider-Girl. The artist pitches the idea of having May Parker be the center of the film in case Maguire isn’t interested in returning in a key role. Artoftimetravel’s original post can be seen below:

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The future of the iconic webslinger in the MCU and Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is a bit unclear at this point. Holland’s MCU return seems likely given the success of No Way Home, and Garfield’s Spidey could be a good choice to square off against Venom or Morbius, but it’s unclear where Maguire’s character could appear next. Raimi himself has stated he would be open to directing Spider-Man 4 with Maguire but that he has no plans to do so. Dunst has also expressed interest in joining the MCU via the multiverse, yet there are also no signs of that happening.

Unfortunately, it seems doubtful that Spider-Man 4 will happen. Then again, many are still in disbelief that Maguire returned in Spider-Man: No Way Home 14 years after Spider-Man 3 debuted in theaters. MJ was mentioned in No Way Home when Maguire’s Peter said to Garfield’s character that things were complicated for him and Mary Jane but that they ultimately made it work. Seeing how Peter’s life is going with MJ in his own universe is one of the many reasons fans want to see Spider-Man 4, and this fan poster takes it one step further by introducing their daughter. Turning Spider-Man 4 into Spider-Girl may not be exactly what people had in mind for the continuation of Peter’s story, yet it could be the perfect solution if Maguire doesn’t want to lead the whole movie as Spider-Man. 

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Source: artoftimetravel

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