Spiderbait Guide (Best Deck Builds & Upgrades)

Spiderbait Guide (Best Deck Builds & Upgrades)

Spiderbait is an Assassin in the Feral faction in HEROish, and the best way to win is to use a combination of poison attacks and small troops.

Spiderbait is one of the Feral characters in HEROish, and she uses stealth, poison attacks, and traps to defeat her opponents. This Woodland Bandit has the highest attack stat out of the six playable heroes, but her defense is very low, and her health and Mana regeneration are average. Due to her low defense, Spiderbait relies on stealth and traps to get past her enemies and win matches.

In the third and final campaign, the Feral heroes are used to finish the story, and Spiderbait is available as one of the playable characters. Spiderbait is also one of the heroes that need to be unlocked by leveling up in multiplayer mode. The max level is 20, and it doesn’t take too much XP to level up, so Spiderbait should be unlocked fairly quickly. The best deck build in HEROish for Spiderbait will depend on the game mode. For the campaign, cards are unlocked by completing main quests, so some of the better troops won’t be available until close to the end of the story. However, cards are unlocked quickly as players reach new levels in multiplayer mode, so it’s easier to build a powerful deck early on.


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Spiderbait has 42 cards to build a deck with, but only 12 can be used. All cards have three iterations for each hero, so there are only 14 different types of cards to use, but some are more powerful if there are duplicates in the deck. Spiderbait can summon a lot of low-cost troops to quickly build an army that’s very difficult for her opponent to stop. A massive army combined with Spiderbait’s traps and poison attacks makes it easy for her to win matches against any opponent.

Best Spiderbait Deck For Multiplayer Mode In HEROish

HEROish Spiderbait Guide Best Deck Builds & Upgrades Deck Editor

Spiderbait rides upon Tiki the raccoon, but her mount, unlike Vega’s wolf, Ajax, in HEROish, doesn’t add any additional abilities to the deck. However, Spiderbait seems to move quicker than other heroes, which is likely due to the fact that she’s the only one with a mount. Mousefolk Scout, Battle Owl, and Stinger should be upgraded first as they are vital to amassing a large army and winning matches. These troops are also available for King Bulvi, so the upgrades will carry over for that hero as well.

Bear Trap (x1): Costs four Mana to useMousefolk Scout (x2): Costs five Mana to summonBattle Owl (x2): Costs six Mana to summonRanger (x1): Costs six Mana to summonSmoke Bomb (x1): Costs six Mana to useStinger (x2): Costs six Mana to summonPoison Dagger (x1): Costs eight Mana to useBearzerker (x1): Costs 12 Mana to summonFrost Minotaur (x1): Costs 18 Mana to summon

Spiderbait’s best HEROish deck build includes Bear Trap, which can hold down a large group of enemies for a short time, but it only damages the first troop or hero that steps on it, so it’s not necessary to upgrade in order to be effective. Additionally, some of the high-cost troops deal enough damage to help players win matches without leveling them up for a while. If players are having trouble accumulating enough Mana to summon the high-cost troops, they can be switched out for Bear O’ War, Assault Gardenier, or more Poison Daggers. Spiderbait can be a difficult hero to use without the right deck and strategy, so players should test out different card combinations in 1v1 AI battles in HEROish’s multiplayer mode.

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HEROish is available on iOS Apple Arcade.

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