Stingray Actor Teases Potential Return

Stingray Actor Teases Potential Return

Actor Paul Walter Hauser teases the potential return of fan-favorite character Stingray in Cobra Kai season 5 with a cryptic interview answer.

Cobra Kai actor Paul Walter Hauser may return as Stingray in season 5. Cobra Kai season 4 raised the stakes in Los Angeles’ ongoing “Karate-turf war” with Miyagi-Do, Eagle Fang and Cobra Kai preparing for the All Valley Karate Tournament. The season delivered the show’s typical formula of high-octane martial arts action, comedy and drama, with plenty of twists and turns. Thomas Ian Griffith made his return to the Miyagi-verse, reprising his Karate Kid 3 villain role in Terry Silver, who became a thorn in Daniel Larusso, Johnny Lawrence and John Krease’s sides. Cobra Kai season 4 ended on multiple cliffhangers, including Silver bribing a referee at All Valley to ensure Cobra Kai’s victory, and betraying Krease and framing him for a crime he didn’t commit.


The crime in question took place in Cobra Kai season 4 when Hauser’s Stingray was viciously beaten by Silver after requesting to rejoin Cobra Kai. However, Silver convinced Stingray to take the wrap in exchange for his return. These episodes would be the only two appearances made by Stingray, who was first introduced in season 2, where he played a much larger role. Stingray was an over-eager Cobra Kai student, who is older than his teenage peers and has limited skills. Despite this, he would gradually rise through the Cobra Kai ranks, but was ultimately absent from season 3 after losing his job following the All Valley Community High School brawl. In reality, Hauser didn’t return in season 3 due to filming on Disney’s Cruella, where he played Horace. Stingray’s re-introduction in season 4 was a huge surprise, but played a key role in shaping the finale and setting up the highly-anticipated season 5.

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Hauser recently spoke to to discuss his upcoming role in the Apple+ series Blackbird. The subject of Cobra Kai was brought up, specifically the return of Stingray in season 5. The actor has a coy response, teasing Stingray’s potential appearance, saying:

“I will just say…you know…that Stingray might be done with the past, but the past is not done with Stingray.”

While the actor’s response is somewhat cryptic, it does suggest that Stingray will be back for Cobra Kai season 5. In all likelihood, the character’s appearances may be limited, as with season 4. Based off the trailer, season 5 seems to be juggling multiple storylines, including Johnny and Robbie Keane going after Miguel Diaz in Mexico, and Daniel and Karate Kid 2 villain-turned-ally, Chozen Toguchi, plotting against Silver. With season 5 so jam-packed already, it’s unlikely that Stingray will take up a significant portion of screen time. Furthermore Hauser seems to be more in demand these days, and between his appearances on Cobra Kai has starred in films such as Richard Jewell, Da 5 Bloods, Silk Road and Cruella, he may not have the bandwidth for an ongoing series like Cobra Kai. 

However, even with only two appearances in Cobra Kai season 4, Stingray still managed to make a huge impact. Stingray’s role in the upcoming season remains a mystery, but if he is featured. viewers could see him grapple with his conscience after playing a role in Krease’s wrongful arrest. It’s also possible that Krease may find out that Stingray helped to frame him, which would pit the former sensei and student against each other. Alternatively, Silver may see Stingray as a loose end and seek to remove him permanently, especially if the latter is showing signs of remorse. For the time being, Stingray’s return remains unconfirmed, but audiences don’t have long to wait as Cobra Kai season 5 releases on Netflix on September 9, 2022.

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