Storm Fan Art Honors Mutant Goddesses’ Role in Pop Culture

Storm Fan Art Honors Mutant Goddesses' Role in Pop Culture

Veteran X-Men hero and weather goddess Storm is the subject of brand new fan art that celebrates the mutant’s legacy in pop culture.

Original X-Men and esteemed weather goddess, Storm, is the subject of brand new fan art that celebrates the mutant’s legacy and importance in pop culture.

Ororo Munroe, aka Storm, remains a popular figure in Marvel history. Born with the mutant ability to control the weather, Storm makes her debut in the Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) as a member of Xavier’s X-Men. Created by Gil Kane and Dave Cockrum, Storm is one of Marvel’s first black superheroes to show up in comics, alongside Sam Wilson, Luke Cage, and future ex-husband Black Panther. Storm’s strength in leadership is what led her to lead the X-Men and later join the Avengers. Despite her brief tenure with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Storm’s reputation and loyalty even gain her the respect of Iron Man as an official Avenger.


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On Twitter, artist Jay Hero’s breathtaking piece of Storm perfectly captures the Marvel hero’s excellence. In her stunning goddess costume and royal crown, the X-Men hero stands proud in a gorgeous pose. Surrounding her are hues of blue that perfectly symbolize the cooling rains of her mutant powers. The vibrant greens, yellows, and reds at the palm of her hands represent the heat radiation caused by her powerful lightning bolts summoning. The artist also revealed the inspiration behind the Goddess of Thunder’s design to be non-other than British actress Michaela Coel. A befitting model for the former queen of Wakanda since Coel will be starring in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as an undisclosed character.

Storm’s fame in media stems from her unmatched representation as a black woman. In a time when the majority of superheroes were only white men in capes, Ororo broke the mold and proved that diversity in comics was possible and lucrative with the X-Men starring in several pop-culture landmarks, including the popular ’90s animated series. A trailblazer among trailblazers, Storm’s roles in comics helped to usher in a new wave of comic book heroes like Riri Williams, Lunella Lafayette, and Shuri. Cosplayers and fans also marvel at the mutant’s stylish costumes including the iconic self-empowering ’80s mohawk look.

As for Storm’s relationships, her most important one is with T’Challa (Black Panther). A perfect relationship bonding Marvel’s first black hero with the weather mutant as children in Africa. To later form a long-lasting connection upholding in marriage and crowning Storm queen of Wakanda. Now, Storm serves as ruler of Arakko, a newly terraformed Mars that is home to many mutants hailing from Earth and bestowing more responsibilities onto her lap. Fighting for peace as the Voice of Sol, Storm further shows her capabilities as a ruler and why this amazing fan art is a true testament to her popularity in Marvel history.

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