Stranger of Paradise DLC Adds Sophia, Ash, Neon, & Jed to Singleplayer

Stranger of Paradise DLC Adds Sophia, Ash, Neon, & Jed to Singleplayer

We’re killing Chaos again, but this time it’s as Sophia, Neon, Ash, or Jed when the Stranger of Paradise DLC expands its singleplayer roster. On the eve of the update, Square Enix has revealed that Trials of the Dragon King no longer locks the singleplayer experience to just Jack Final Fantasy.

On July 20, the strangely endearing action RPG from developer Team Ninja adds a new series of trials from the Dragon King, Bahamut. In the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin DLC, you’ll get four main missions, nine side missions, three jobs, two boss battles, and the Bahamut difficulty. Plus, according to Square Enix, us solo adventuring folks are no longer stuck playing as Jack Garland. Instead, with the DLC, you’ll be able to roam free in singleplayer as Sophia, Neon, Ash, or Jed.

The Stranger of Paradise DLC Trials of the Dragon King adds new party members to offline singleplayer modes with Neon, Ash, Jed, and Sophia.

Prior to the update, the only way to play as anyone else from Jack’s squad required hopping into multiplayer.  Even then, the host player was stuck as Mr. Garland for the run, and changes made to anyone but Jack still relied on the host. I’m about to spend a lot of time with Sophia, finally.

Trials of the Dragon King is the first of three DLC additions to Stranger of Paradise. The season pass also adds new jobs, like Summoner (you can summon Bahamut, hello), Evoker, and Pilgrim. The Evoker skillset relies on summoning-based skills too, while Pilgrims wield a staff to hook and yank enemies close. Bahamut’s new trials also appear to welcome back the Warrior of Light. Not your FFXIV cat girl Warrior of Light, but the classic protagonist who saved the world decades ago.

The Warrior, along with Bahamut, pops up in Square Enix’s latest trailer footage. He seems hostile. I reckon I get it though. Anyway, check him out — he’s sporting that neat Dissidia look.

The extended trailer kind of rules, even if I can’t understand a damn thing Bahamut says. Team Ninja’s take on Final Fantasy was certainly a bizarre one, but I adored it for that. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one as Fanbyte’s Michael Higham also loved it for the absurdity. Square Enix has more in store for the nostalgic take, too. While they don’t have a release date yet, the game still has expansions Wanderer of the Rift and Different Future in the pipeline.