The Best Perks to Learn in MultiVersus

The Best Perks to Learn in MultiVersus

To have the biggest advantage over one’s opponents in MultiVersus, players should ensure they learn the best Perks for their characters.

While the combat-related skills for units remain mostly the same, MultiVersus offers players the freedom to slightly customize their playstyle by equipping their favorite character with a wide variety of Perks. Naturally, every character will have their own Signature Perks, unique to the specific unit. However, after the character reaches Level 9, the player will be able to engage in Perk Training, teaching their unit from a list of Non-Signature Perks in MultiVersus available for the entire playable roster.

There are Perks in MultiVersus that can be considered objectively more helpful than others in combat. Nevertheless, players should note that it is primarily up to their playstyle and personal preference regarding which Perks are the best for their character. Accordingly, some excellent Perks might work very well for one player and their favorite unit, while the same Perks will perform poorly for a different character. Therefore, experimentation is essential for determining which Perks work best for MultiVersus fans.


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The best Perks to learn in MultiVersus are Make It Rain, Dog!, Clear the Air, That’s Flammable Doc!, Ice to Meet You!, Absorb ‘n’ Go, Triple Jump, School Me Once, Retaliation-Ready, I’ll Take That, and Coffeezilla. Below is a detailed list of these character Perks in MultiVersus regarding what they do.

What Perks To Pick In MultiVersus

What Perks To Pick In MultiVersus

Make It Rain, Dog!: 20-25% increased projectile speed, allowing projectiles thrown by the player to travel faster towards their target.Clear the Air: destroys enemy projectiles after performing a neutral dodge, which is an excellent way to counter projectiles and deflect them with a teammate.That’s Flammable Doc!: ignite enemies by melee attacking them after they’ve been struck with a projectile, triggering passive DoT (damage over time)Ice to Meet You!: projectiles that strike an enemy will deal 1 Stack of Ice, causing them to be inflicted with slow movement speed.Absorb ‘n’ Go: allows the player to slightly benefit from being hit by a projectile, granting a 7-15% Ability Cooldown Refund after being knocked back in MultiVersusTriple Jump: receive an extra jump after striking an airborne target | this requirement is not necessary if the Perk is stackedSchool Me Once: grants the player a temporary Block Buff after being struck with an enemy projectileRetaliation-Ready: grants the player Gray Health ×3 for three seconds after being struck with an enemy projectileI’ll Take That: grants a 0.5-second Ability Cooldown Refund when striking an enemy with a debuff | this Perk pairs very well with Ice to Meet You! or That’s Flammable Doc!Coffeezilla: grants the player a passive 10% Ability Cooldown Reduction for free

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MultiVersus is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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