The Dragon Prince Creators Discuss Soren’s Growing Respect For Dragons

The Dragon Prince Creators Discuss Soren's Growing Respect For Dragons

Exclusive: Creators Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz discuss Soren (Jesse Inocalla) post-2-year time jump in The Dragon Prince season 4.

With the latest season of The Dragon Prince just around the corner, creators Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz have teased what Soren’s season 4 storyline will look like. Netflix’s hit fantasy animation tells the story of a war between humans and the magical beings of Xadia. While The Dragon Prince’s season 3 finale suggested that peace may finally be possible, the closing scene of “The Final Battle” hints that trouble still lies ahead for the young heroes.

Due to a long and turbulent history between the elves, the dragons, and the humans, Soren (Jesse Inocalla) views the magical beings of Xadia as the enemy throughout The Dragon Prince. His hatred and fear are made evident during season 2 episode 7 “Fire and Fury” where he attacks a dragon (Pyrrah) that is threatening a small human town. During this fight, Soren managed to cut off part of Pyrrah’s horn but the dragon’s retaliating attack caused him to become temporarily paralyzed. Following this, audiences watch as he grows warier and warier of his father Viren (Jason Simpson) until he eventually betrays his family, siding with the princes in their quest.


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During an interview with Screen Rant at San Diego Comic-Con, Richmond and Ehasz discussed Soren’s growth in the upcoming The Dragon Prince season 4. When asked about their favorite fan theories, the creators jokingly referred to a ship created by a niche group of fans who (seemingly jokingly) pair together Soren and Pyrrah. They go on to share that Soren has a better relationship with the dragons in season 4 as in his time away from his family, Soren has worked on his fear and hatred of dragons. Though Soren’s jokes often fall flat with his human peers, the upcoming season will see Soren do “dragon-comedy” says, Ehasz. Read Richmond and Ehasz’s full quote below:

How much fun do you guys have interacting with fan theories? Do you have a favorite thing you’ve seen about the show?

Justin Richmond: There’s a whole group of Pyrrah-Soren stuff going on. It’s a little crazy.

Aaron Ehasz: We’re not supposed to talk about that. [Laughs]

But it’s clear – and you’ll see this in the coming seasons – that having feared and in a way hated dragons, Soren has become someone who has a liking for dragons and gets along with them… and can do dragon comedy.

Justin Richmond: He can do dragon stand-up, exactly.

Soren in The Dragon Prince

The upcoming season of The Dragon Prince will see many characters grow and change from their season 3 selves as season 4 will feature a significant time jump. During a recently released extended clip of The Dragon Prince’s season 3 finale, it’s revealed that Viren has been dead for two years. Picking up after Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) resurrects Viren, audiences will see an older Callum (Jack De Sena) take on the role of High Mage, and struggle with Rayla’s absence.

Towards the end of season 3, Soren’s opinion of dragons started to shift and it seems like that has only progressed in the 2 years apart. While Inocalla’s Soren has a difficult past with magical creators, it will be interesting to see his newfound fondness for dragons now that he’s no longer being influenced by his father or sister. Audiences have yet to see any of Soren in The Dragon Prince season 4 teasers, but with a November release date, fans won’t have to wait long to see his growth for themselves.

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