The Family Chantel’s Winter’s Boldest Looks After Dramatic Weight Loss

The Family Chantel's Winter’s Boldest Looks After Dramatic Weight Loss

The Family Chantel cast member Winter Everett has started rocking more revealing outfits on social media, following a weight loss makeover.

Popular The Family Chantel star Winter Everett has dropped a lot of weight in the past year, and she is now proudly flaunting her revealing looks online. Most viewers know the popular cast member as the younger sister of the spin-off’s main star, Chantel Everett. Winter has appeared next to her sister since 90 Day Fiancé season 4. However, the Atlanta beauty has greatly transformed her personality since her debut on the popular reality TV franchise.

Almost two years ago, Winter decided to change her looks and focus on her fitness. Along with her mother and sister, she went to Tijuana, Mexico to get bariatric surgery. The Family Chantel season 4 shows Winter’s life-altering journey, and how she truly transformed her body. Her mother Karen Everett shared that her youngest daughter has always been interested in getting the procedure done.


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However, her long-term and controlling boyfriend Jah was always against that. Thankfully, Winter has gotten out of her terrible relationship, and is now leading a happy and healthy life. The 27-year-old reality star is no longer shy about showing off her boldest looks on Instagram.

Floral One-Piece Swimsuit

winter everett one piece swimsuit the family chantel CROPPED

The Family Chantel cast member Winter has flaunted her spectacular transformation multiple times over the last few months. One of her most daring looks was revealed in mid-2021, when she posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit. “I like to compare my life to the life of a butterfly,” The Family Chantel star Winter wrote, while sharing that she’s been through many ups and downs. Winter wore a colorful swimsuit with a tropical pattern, and looked stunning. Fans loved her bikini post, and mentioned that she looked drastically slimmer in the new photo.

Winter Wows In Midi Dress

winter everett heart The Family Chantel CROPPED

In May 2022, Winter shared a picture with Karen on Mother’s Day. In the photo, the popular reality star wore a short blue dress which exposed her long legs. She wrote, “Mom’s are forever,” while wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day. Winter looked lean and joyful in the picture as she posed beside her mom. Fans adored the Atlanta beauty’s unbelievable transformation, and told her that she looked amazing. Some of The Family Chantel viewers also applauded Winter for proudly showing off her smooth legs.

Two-Piece Bathing Suit

winter everett two piece the family chantel CROPPED

Recently, Chantel Jimeno’s sister Winter posted a picture that featured her in pink swimwear. She captioned the post with hashtags, such as “#workout,” “#wieghtlossjourney,” and “#healthylifestyle,” while posing like a mermaid. The picture shows that The Family Chantel star has come a long way in her fitness journey. An Instagram user wrote, “I’m so proud of you.” Another user chimed in, “Super cute!! You look truly at peace.” Since Winter is still working hard to achieve her fitness goals, The Family Chantel viewers are eager to see her final weight loss results.

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