The FFXIV Manga Agrees We Should Call Y’shtola Mommy

The FFXIV Manga Agrees We Should Call Y'shtola Mommy

In case you haven’t heard, there’s an official Final Fantasy XIV manga set in an alternate universe wilder than the original. The MMO’s Eorzean Academy series throws our beloved Scions and villains into a slice of life story where Emet-Selch canonically wears Crocs and, more importantly, Square Enix acknowledges we’ve been calling Y’shtola “mommy.”

Or rather, the student body in the manga calls Y’shtola mommy behind her back—I’m not telling on myself. No, this isn’t a shameless plug for my fanfiction; the manga is real and available via the Square Enix Manga Up app. I’ve been keeping up with it through scanlation, so an unofficial fan translation, in the wait for Square Enix to release the series in English.

It looks like a lot of y’all are doing the same thing, too, as a Reddit thread via u/RealShadowHedgehog popped off with a screenshot of the exact moment we learn about Y’shtola’s nickname. If you must know, the panel igniting debauched FFXIV simply reads, “Y’shtola is secretly called mommy among the student body.” Of course, it’s a fan translation, so grain of salt and all that, but I still agree with the sentiment.

For those of you looking for the official chapter wording in Japanese, please turn to section 2-2 of your textbook.

To set up the story here, this scene continues the Eorzean Academy’s sports arc, where the Light Class and Darkness Class students compete in a series of athletic challenges. The mommy thing occurs during the race, where students draw cards for something they have to cross the finish line with. Yotsuyu draws a card with”bob cut,” scribbled on it, which is hilarious enough and leads her to drag Asahi across the finish line. When it’s Alphinaud’s turn to draw a card, his just says, “mother.” You see where this is going.

At the finish line, the judge calls it for Alphinaud since his card matches up with what, or who, in this case, he reaches the end with. That particular panel above is our shameless reveal that the student body secretly refers to Y’shtola as mommy. I get it. I do get what they’re saying. But, I will not pretend this isn’t the biggest FFXIV wink-and-nudge ever.

Now, before you go on about your day pretending FFXIV isn’t miserably horny sometimes and like this can’t be read as anything else, I need to make a few spoilery points:

You can call Y’shtola “mother” in Shadowbringers. She threatens to spank you.
Estinien barges into your inn room with “You’re alone…. Good,” and his shirt wide open.
The total number of FFXIV characters that have said either mommy or daddy is now two.
Thancred said orgy.

On point three, I love that it’s more than zero. On point four, I’m sorry, I know the moment around it is touching, but I still cackled. So anyway, I’m done being an endless source of extremely specific FFXIV knowledge. I’ll log off.