The Munsters: 10 Things We Know About The Reboot

The Munsters: 10 Things We Know About The Reboot

After a year of speculation, the Munsters trailer has given new insight into Rob Zombie’s latest film. Movie lovers were surprised when the famed horror director took on the project but expected a dark and terrifying twist to the original story.

The trailer has sparked both delight and confusion about what the film will entail, leaving viewers wanting to know more about the project. The film is a remake of the 1960s sitcom that only ran for three seasons before being canceled by CBS. Which parts of it will be carried over is yet to be seen, but there are some thing that have been revealed.


10 The Munsters Will Be In Color

A scene from Munster Go Home

Unlike the series, The Munsters will be in full color, but the trailer does nod to the CBS show with a bit of black and white included in the introduction of the characters. The Munsters’ lack of color is one of the reasons the sitcom was canceled in the first place.

However, this isn’t the first time the show will be colorized, as the original Munsters movie, Munsters, Go Home! was shown on the big screen in technicolor. Given Rob Zombie’s purist approach to the reboot, it is surprising that black and white were not utilized more in the film.

9 Rob Zombie Is A Munsters Superfan

Rob Zombie

Despite being known for his gory style of horror, Rob Zombie is a huge fan of the campy spooky style of The Munsters. Deadline reported that Zombie has been working on getting the series revived in some way for the last 20 years. The fact that this film is a passion project almost guarantees that everything about the film will be perfect for viewers.

Zombie’s love of the series also explains why so many of the show’s original sets and makeup looks are being recreated for the movie. The overwhelming nostalgia coming with the film will likely make it a box office success.

8 Reactions To The Munsters’ Trailer Have Been Mixed

Rob Zombie's Munsters Movie Confirmed With Official Logo

With the hype surrounding the film, it was expected that the trailer would get favorable reactions across the board. However, this isn’t the case. Only four hours after the trailer’s release, the comments were turned off on the Youtube trailer (though they are not back on). One reviewer with Paste Magazine called the trailer embarrassing and didn’t enjoy the comedy in the film so far.

These reviews could hurt the movie at the box office, but the campy, almost intentionally bad comedy is something that gave the original Munsters something that other shows didn’t. The show has become a cult classic that not everyone finds enjoyable, and the movie could end up on the same track.

7 The Munsters’ Opening Looks Familiar

The Munsters Mockingbird Lane Comparison

The Munsters has one of the most memorable opening credits in television history, and luckily for fans of the original, the opening stays the same. As seen in the teasers and sneak peek images, Rob Zombie chose to keep 1313 Mockingbird Lane as close to the original mansion as possible, right down to the house’s foliage.

The house does seem to be more weathered than the original, which could be a nod to the over 50 years that have passed since the original show. The teaser also revealed that the theme music would remain the same, which dispelled speculation that Zombie would include his music as the theme song.

6 The Munsters Won’t Compete With Wednesday

Everything we know about Netflix Wednesday

Before the trailers were released, it was believed that Zombie’s The Munsters and Tim Burton’s Wednesday would be in direct competition with each other as they both reimagined classic spooky shows. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Zombie stays on the traditional family-friendly side of things, while Wednesday is going full horror with the character.

Both directors are taking an unexpected path based on their previous works. This is a considerable risk for both, potentially hurting both filmmakers’ reputations if they are flops.

5 Lily Munster Has A New Look

Split IMage Sheri Moon Zombie and Yvonne DeCarlo as Lily Munster

The new version of Lily Munster has a very different look from the original. The original Lily Munster, played by Yvonne De Carlo, played off of De Carlo’s pinup model past and gave her a glamourous makeup look that matched the makeup style of the time. The new Lily has a darker, goth makeup look that plays into Zombie’s standard film style.

Lily is more realistic in the new film, as she is still strikingly pale and doesn’t have green skin. Lily’s iconic dress has also undergone changes that will benefit the movie, setting itself apart from the series and being clear about when it takes place.

4 The Munsters Is A Love Story

Lily and Herman in The Munsters

Unlike in the show, Lily and Herman aren’t married in the movie. The movie functions as a prequel to the television series, which referenced how the couple came together but never gave the whole story. The film’s direction is a shock to Rob Zombie fans, who assumed the director would take a more horror-based approach to the story given his previous work.

The film embraces the old while adding a unique twist that appeals to audiences who grew up with the sitcom and those being introduced to The Munsters for the first time.

3 The Munsters’ Cast Is Full of Horror Royalty

The Munsters Trailer

Fans of all things horror and spooky have seen the cast of The Munsters before. Lily Munster is played by Sheri Moon Zombie from House of 1000 Corpses, where she played the conniving villain Baby. Zombie’s new character could not be more different than her previous role as she plays lovestruck Lily.

The movie includes an appearance by the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira; however, Elvira will not be dawning her iconic black dress and 80s-style hair. Elvira will look like her real-life self as she takes on the role of Barbara Carr. Much to the delight of fans, both the original Munster children have roles in the film, to up the nostalgia factor even more.

2 The Munsters Will Be Family Friendly

There is no doubt that Rob Zombie has mastered horror films that capture a vintage style, so when it was announced that Zombie would be heading The Munsters remake, fans expected the vintage style of the original but with a horror twist.

However, according to IMDb, the movie departs from Zombie’s signature style and will be his first film that hasn’t earned an R rating. Based on the trailer, the film will stick to the campy family-friendly brand of comedy that made the show successful through its three-season run, which will make fans of the original series nostalgic.

1 The Munsters Has A Release Date And Method

Rob Zombie The Munsters Herman and Lily

Now that the full-length trailer has been released, there is finally a release date for The Munsters. Instead of hitting theaters in the ever-competitive month of October with other horror films, The Munsters is jump-starting the Halloween season in September 2022.

Like many other films in the Covid era, The Munsters will be in theaters but stream simultaneously on Peacock, which isn’t surprising given that the original series is currently streaming on the platform. The choice to put the film on the platform will likely boost the original series and could give The Munsters room for a sequel or television show for the whole family to watch.

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