The Originals Characters, Ranked From Lowest To Highest Kill Count

The Originals Characters, Ranked From Lowest To Highest Kill Count

With the recent announcement of Kol Mikaelson and Marcel Gerard making an appearance on Legacies Season 4, it has viewers reminiscing about The Originals. The Mikaelson family faces many foes through the five seasons, and not one character gets out of these conflicts unscathed. Lives are lost and blood is spilled in many of the episodes, but the love for these characters still remains.

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While the eldest Mikaelson brothers tend to do most of the bloodshed, all the characters end up killing someone at one point or another, even those who are the most righteous. While some may be more murderous than others, most characters have at least one on their kill count during the course of The Originals.

10 Hope Mikaelson – 1 Kill

Hope, from Legacies, (parents from the Vampire Diaries) looking regal.

In season 5, she kills Bill. He’s the first person she’s ever killed, and this ultimately triggers her werewolf gene, even though it was an accident. This is the only person she kills in The Originals, making her kill count one.

9 Camille O’Connell – 1 Kill

Camille O'Connell looks at something off-screen in The Originals

Throughout her run in The Originals, Cami is a great person. She’s kind, warm, and understanding. Often, she’s pictured with Niklaus, who holds her opinions dear and confides in her. Once she becomes a vampire, she does act out of character. Cami steals the last of the white oak as leverage against Klaus and needs to be brought back to reality by Hayley.

Although Cami does become a vampire by her own hand, she never kills as a vampire. Her one and only kill is a transitioning vampire while she’s still human. Even though her count is one, the same as Hope’s, she’s more of a ‘killer’ because her killing was not an accident.


8 Davina Claire – 5 Kills

Davina has a bloody wound on her forehead in The Originals

Davina has always been a force to be reckoned with. She was a Harvest Witch, the Regent of the New Orleans Witches, and even a witch of The Sisters who worked for the Strix. Throughout this time, she killed 5 people.

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Admittedly, one of the victims she ordered Hayley to kill, so technically by her hand she only killed four. But the order to have a witch opposing her as Regent murdered as a statement, grants her a count of five.

7 Freya Mikaelson – 7+ Kills

Freya mikaelson originals

Freya is a powerful witch in the Original family. She is raised by her aunt Dahlia as a witch, which puts strain on her relationships with her younger brothers. After a while, they learn to trust her, and she becomes an integral part of the family.

Being a member of the Mikaelsons means tons of enemies, and Freya doesn’t get away without killing. With a kill count of seven individuals, including her unborn son and Hope later in Legacies, along with The Hollow’s followers, she’s seen her fair share of murder. While not as high as her siblings, with the Hollow followers, her kill count is well into the low double digits.

6 Marcel Gerard – 6+ Kills

Marcel stands strong in The Originals

While not a true Mikaelson, Marcel certainly is a part of the family. As Klaus’s right-hand once he became a vampire, Marcel had quite the kill count before the events of The Originals. During the show, he doesn’t kill without cause, and we see at least 6 individual kills. There are also flashbacks of him killing members of the Guerrera family, a werewolf clan, and a crime family. It’s also alluded to during the first season of The Originals that Marcel wiped out the New Orleans werewolves to become King of New Orleans. Not to mention that he fought in a war, making his count higher than Freya’s.

Marcel is not as ruthless as his maker, but he has an impressive kill count nonetheless.

5 Rebekah Mikaelson – 16+ Kills

Rebekah in front of drapes in The Originals

As an original vampire, it’s no surprise that Rebekah would be just like her brothers. Maybe not as bad, but with a record of 16 individual kills, she certainly makes the cut. Not to mention the members of the Bayou werewolves she took out, members of the Strix, and followers of the Hollow, she racks up quite a number.

Rebekah tries her best to do good and be a good person, but when it comes to her family, she’ll do anything to protect them. Even if that means killing anyone in her path.

4 Kol Mikaelson – 14+ Kills

The Originals Kol

It’s no secret that Kol was a ruthless killer before meeting Davina Claire. He was one of the worst of the Original vampires, but throughout The Originals we see him change for the girl he loves. Nevertheless, he’s got quite the kill count. Including Davina, even if that was based on a curse the Ancestors put on him when he was resurrected.

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With 14 individual kills, he is lower than Rebekah. He ranks higher than her though because he’s killed many unnamed people in New Orleans. Not to mention, he murdered all of Silas’s cult and an entire church parish.

3 Hayley Marshall – 25+ Kills

Hayley ready for battle in The Originals

Despite wanting to distance herself from the Mikaelson family, for herself and Hope, Hayley found herself caught up in their family drama often. Hayley became an integral part of the family, giving advice and protection when needed. But when she became part of the family, that meant inheriting the enemies against them.

Before the events of The Originals, Hayley had already built up a decent kill count. Maybe they weren’t all by her hand, but she set up 12 werewolves to be killed by Klaus. After that, Hayley had at least 25 individual kills plus members of the Strix, the Hollow’s followers, members of the Sisters, and werewolves in the Guerrera family with moonlight rings.

2 Elijah Mikaelson – 26+ Kills

The Originals Elijah sits on a chair

Elijah has always tried to be an honorable man. With his signature suit, proper manners, and dedication to his family, he tries his best to do what’s right. Despite that, though, he always finds himself in the midst of a battle with his brother. Their motto is “always and forever,” and he does what he can to honor that. But that doesn’t mean his hands are clean.

Instead, Elijah’s hands are covered in blood. There are many episodes where he’s seen ripping a heart right out of another vampire’s chest, his signature killing blow. Because of that, Elijah has at least 26 individual kills, including Klaus. He’s also seen killing many members of Marcel’s army, the Strix, and followers of the Hollow. With those, his numbers are well into the 30s or even 4os, maybe more.

1 Klaus Mikaelson – 35+ Kills

Klaus sits on his throne in The Originals

It’s no surprise that Klaus has the most kills out of his family. He’s been a ruthless killer before the events in The Originals, and his reputation proceeds him. In The Originals, he comes up against a lot of enemies, and he is usually the victor. He has 35 individual kills, including Elijah.

Klaus also has a long history of going on massacres, like the times he killed two entire werewolf packs. He murdered most of the Petrova family. Plus, he killed the original members of the Five, who haunted him until a new hunter came about. Klaus is not shy about bloodshed, whether it’s for his family, or to make a statement, he does what he has to do, usually without remorse.

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