The Scariest MCU Avenger isn’t Scarlet Witch, & Doctor Strange Proves it

The Scariest MCU Avenger isn't Scarlet Witch, & Doctor Strange Proves it

While Scarlet Witch proved to be absolutely terrifying upon her latest appearance in the MCU, Doctor Strange reveals she isn’t the scariest Avenger.

After the release of the MCU film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it is fair to say that the general consensus for fans is that Scarlet Witch is officially the scariest Avenger in the Marvel Universe–but Doctor Strange proves that isn’t the case as he reveals another hero who is way more terrifying.

In the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, fans are introduced to a character named America Chavez who has the power to freely travel the multiverse. In the opening scene, it is revealed that there is an evil creature who wants America’s power for itself and is willing to kill anyone who tries to get in the way. After narrowly escaping a demonic monster hellbent on capturing America, she meets Earth-616 Doctor Strange who quickly realizes that he needs some extra assistance from one of his fellow Avengers: Scarlet Witch. When he tries to recruit Wanda to help him save America Chavez, he discovers that it was Wanda herself who was behind the multiversal assaults on the child–a revelation that sparks a terrifying conflict between Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. Throughout the rest of the film, Scarlet Witch is depicted as a terrifyingly powerful villain capable of committing the worst atrocities while trying to take America’s power for herself–and in doing so chills audiences to their bones as she makes the transition from inspiring hero to horrifying monster.


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In Captain Marvel #28 by Kelly Thompson and Jacopo Camagni, Captain Marvel goes to Doctor Strange for help after battling an unbeatable threat in a future timeline a few issues prior. Rather than asking for Doctor Strange’s direct assistance in fighting the seemingly unkillable foe, Captain Marvel asks the Sorcerer Supreme to teach her in the ways of sorcery. Despite having a close relationship with Carol at this point in time, Doctor Strange has to refuse Captain Marvel’s request, saying, “If magic is something you’re vulnerable to and you’re trying to eliminate that weakness… I’m not sure that’s great for the world. Someone as powerful as you are should have some weaknesses”.

Doctor Strange proves Scarlet Witch isn't the scariest MCU Avenger.

By refusing to teach Captain Marvel magic, Doctor Strange is essentially saying that Captain Marvel is already too powerful as it is, and making her more so would be dangerous on a global–potentially cosmic–level. As it stands, Captain Marvel is one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe as she can survive in space, create massively powerful photon blasts, and is overall basically invincible. If Doctor Strange were to help her add magic to the mix, Captain Marvel would be too strong to stop–a prospect Doctor Strange evidently fears greatly.

While Scarlet Witch was truly terrifying in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange confirms that Captain Marvel is an MCU hero that has the potential to be even more terrifying. Wanda Maximoff is a master magic user, and if Captain Marvel got to her level along with her already established cosmic abilities, she would become an even greater threat than even Scarlet Witch–proving that Captain Marvel is actually the MCU’s scariest Avenger.

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