The Summer I Turned Pretty Episodes Ranked, According To IMDb

The Summer I Turned Pretty Episodes Ranked, According To IMDb

The hit book series by Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty has just moved from the shelves and onto Amazon Prime. The same author behind the To All The Boys trilogy has now moved on to her second book adaptation, but this time going the TV show route.

Fans are ecstatic as it means they have a lot more time to see their favorite characters on the screen. With the show already renewed for a second season, it’s not unexpected for the show to be well-loved so quickly.


7 Summer House (S1,E1) – 7.2

The pilot episode of the show introduces us to Belly, the show’s main character. It follows Belly, her brother Steven, and her mom as they travel to the beach. There they stay with Susannah Fisher and her two sons, Jeramiah and Conrad. They spend every summer together at this beach house, but things are a little different this year.

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The pilot episode is a great introduction to the main characters. Belly’s character is already glowing off the screen, and the audience is thrown into the life of these two families. Everything is set up: a long-time crush, a bad boy, a love triangle, and a summer full of fun. It’s clear that Belly is ready to finally step out of her comfort zone, and it sure brings drama to the screen.

6 Summer Dress (S1,E2) – 7.3

The second episode follows Belly’s decision to become a debutante. Belly, her mom Laurel, and Susannah go dress shopping before her first debutante tea. There she is greeted by her fellow debutante, and she feels like a fish out of water. Meanwhile, her mom Laurel runs into a fellow author, Cleveland. Belly has her first date with a boy, but it gets crashed by her brother, Jeremiah, and Conrad.

This episode starts to expand on the show’s characters. Viewers get to see Susannah and Belly’s heart-warming relationship as she comforts her. The audience starts to get a feel for Belly as she gets to go through the motions with a new boy she’s just met. While things don’t go fully to plan, fans will celebrate the small success she has. Meanwhile, Conrad begins to show that something might be the root of his attitude change.

5 Summer Nights (S1,E3) – 7.3

This episode is full of parties, laughter, and fun. Belly is celebrating her sweet 16th, and she gets presents from everyone except Conrad. Her friend from home comes into town to help with the party celebrations. Taylor’s presence causes some drama and is ready to cause some classic teenage party arguments.

This episode starts to delve deeper into the characters’ wants. While things begin light and fun, it soon goes downhill very quickly with backstabbing betrayals and hidden secrets. This episode really shows the audience who’s likable and who’s not. A fun episode full of classic teenage party angst is perfect for fans who want the drama.

4 Summer Catch (S1,E5) – 7.6

Episode 5 has its ups and downs. Laurel and Susannah go to a dive bar and drink as they used to when they were younger, leading to Laurel and Cleveland getting closer that night. Meanwhile, Belly can’t hide her feelings any longer, telling Cam she doesn’t think they will work, breaking it off. In the end, she’s left wondering whether she made the right choice between Jeremiah and Conrad.

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This episode has its highs with Laurel finally having a breakthrough, but it also has its lows for Belly and Cam fans. The break-up was sad but a necessary end. Fans will be sad to see Cam go, but not all hope is lost when the options between the Fisher brothers open up. The love triangle grows, whether fans like it or not.

3 Summer Heat (S1,E4) – 7.7

The 4th of July rolls around and a big party is going ahead. Susannah plans the annual party at the house, but things don’t go to plan. When Conrad and Jeremiah’s dad shows up, tensions rise between the sons. On the other hand, Belly and Steven’s dad shows up with his new girlfriend, and things go better than expected with their dad. Ending the night with drunk teenagers and spilled secrets, it’s easy to see why “Summer Heat” is a fan-favorite episode.

This episode is full of new drama. It mostly focuses on the parents’ storyline, showing the different dads interacting successfully or not with their kids. But there is still a lot going on with the kids. With Belly getting drunk for the first time, it’s not a surprise things go wrong very quickly, and while it’s amusing for the audience, it causes a ton of chaos, leading to secrets being told.

2 Summer Tides (S1,E6) – 7.8

The second to last episode is full of fun and crazy moments. Starting with a big beach volleyball tournament, Belly recruits Taylor for her team, but when she drops out, Jeremiah jumps in until Conrad steps up to the plate. Conrad finally opens up to Cleveland about what’s been bothering him all summer.

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The volleyball tournament provides the audience with that perfect summer fun feel. It’s all fun and games in the sun until that competitive streak comes out. The love triangle is in full swing, and the tension between Belly and the Fisher boys can be cut with a knife. Fans love both interactions they get with each couple, whether big or small.

1 Summer Love (S1,E7) – 8.4

The last episode of the season follows Belly at her debutante ball. Things seem to be taking shape as Belly and her new friends get ready for the grand ball, but it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong. Jeremiah, Belly’s date, starts to suspect something is wrong with his mom. He leaves Belly on the dance floor by herself, but Conrad comes to the rescue, all before Susannah’s big summer secret comes out, changing everything.

This final episode is an emotional one for fans. With Belly having her big moment saved by Conrad, fans get to experience a beautiful moment as they dance across the floor together. But, the audience is on edge as they know what’s about to happen. The tear-jerk of an ending is one full of emotion and bittersweet moments for both families. While fans have been dreading this ending, it was a great cliff-hanger ending and a memorable moment to keep fans waiting for season 2.

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