The Weasleys & Other Wizarding Families Hogwarts Legacy Could Include

The Weasleys & Other Wizarding Families Hogwarts Legacy Could Include

Though fans won’t get to pal around with characters like Harry Potter or Hermione Granger in Avalanche Software’s upcoming Hogwarts Legacy, it has been confirmed that some of the franchise’s most famous families will be making an appearance in the game. It was exciting to see recognizable characters like Gryffindor’s house ghost Nearly-Headless Nick in the recent Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation State of Play gameplay reveal but with the game set in the 1800s it’s unlikely to feature many other well-known characters from the modern Harry Potter era. However, the Harry Potter franchise is known for its emphasis on lineages, bloodlines, and surnames all of which have family members with close ties to Hogwarts that can be traced back multiple centuries.


According to the Hogwarts Legacy website, even though the game will be adapting Harry Potter canon into an original story with no contribution from J.K. Rowling, the story in the game will remain in line with existing Wizarding World lore. The upcoming game will pull from the rich canonical history of Harry Potter, not just limited to the books and movies but also from extended content released by Rowling over the years.

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Thanks to the sprawling wizardry lineages of the franchise’s characters looking back, in some cases, even just a single generation can reveal ancestors of the franchise’s most recognizable characters that could very well be alive and well during the events of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Could Feature The Weasleys

Hogwarts Legacy may be set in the 1800s but that doesn't mean it won't include some of the Harry Potter franchise's most recognizable family names.

While players won’t see Ron Weasley himself walking around the grounds of Hogwarts in the upcoming game, it has already been confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will feature the Weasley family in some capacity. While discussing Hogwarts Legacy with the PlayStation Blog, Avalanche Software’s Chandler Wood revealed, “there’s no shortage of friendly faces to provide a helping hand or a welcome distraction. You may even come across some familiar names, like a Weasley or two.”

This revelation makes perfect sense with what fans know about the history of Hogwarts as the Weasleys have one of the longest lineages in the wizarding world, and just about all of them are Hogwarts alumni. The oldest identified Weasley is Ron’s grandfather Septimus Weasley, who was famously involved in an ideological conflict with the pure-blood supremacist Cantankerus Nott and his book titled the “Pure-Blood Directory” in the 1930s. The book claimed that there were just 28 remaining pure-blooded families in Great Britain, including the Weasleys, who rejected the anti-muggle rhetoric due to their family’s history of support of and even inter-marriage with Muggles. Ron’s father Arthur is known to be born in 1950 so it’s unlikely that Septimus was a student of Hogwarts in the 1800s, but undoubtedly an ancestor of his could be. With the Weasley’s considered one of the only pure-blood families by the 1930s, it’s safe to assume their lineage dated back long before then. With the Weasleys known to have a long lineage of family members in Gryffindor, fans hoping to interact with the well-known family may want to pick their house choice in Hogwarts Legacy carefully.

The Blacks Could Appear In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy may be set in the 1800s but that doesn't mean it won't include some of the Harry Potter franchise's most recognizable family names.

Harry Potter’s own godfather Sirius Black is known to have a deep wizardry lineage as well and one that has especially close ties to Hogwarts. One of the oldest known members of the Black family is Phineas Nigellus Black, who lived from 1847-1925 and was both a teacher and eventual headmaster at Hogwarts in his lifetime. With much of his life taking place in the 1800s, Phineas’ story could fit right into the game’s timeline which would mean that players could see him appear in the game as a student, teacher, or even in his later role as Headmaster. Phineas was described by Sirius in The Order of the Phoenix as the “least popular headmaster,” as he was a pure-blood supremacist, resented and feared by many of his students. If Phineas were to be the Headmaster of the game’s Hogwarts then players are in for a very different reign than that of the benevolent Albus Dumbledore and could be another way the game’s Hogwarts experience features changes from Harry Potter fans – of the books and movies – might be used to.

Hogwarts Legacy Could Show Dumbledores From The Past

Hogwarts Legacy may be set in the 1800s but that doesn't mean it won't include some of the Harry Potter franchise's most recognizable family names.

Thanks to the long life expectancies of the Wizarding community, some characters from the modern canon are old enough to have made an appearance, like Albus Dumbledore himself. The famous headmaster was born in 1881 so it’s believed that he attended Hogwarts himself between 1892 and 1899. Depending on how late in the 19th century the game is set, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for the beloved character to make an appearance. By 1899, Dumbledore was graduating as Head Boy which could very well be the role he plays in the upcoming game.

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A more likely candidate though is Kendra Dumbledore – Albus’ muggle-born mother – who was believed to have lived from 1851-1899. Although there is limited knowledge about the events of Kendra’s life prior to her premature death, even though Albus Dumbledore could very well be a student during the events of the game, Hogwarts Legacy creators have an opportunity to expand on the existing lore of this lesser-known character by further developing her as a character.

The Rookwoods Look Like They’re Making A Hogwarts Legacy Appearance

It seems a member of another famous wizarding family actually made an appearance in the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay reveal and may just turn out to be one of the game’s main villains. Fans of the Harry Potter series may recognize the name of Dark Wizard Augustus Rookwood who was a double agent for Lord Voldermort while employed at the Department of Mysteries and was one of the Death Eaters who participated in the ambush of Harry and his five friends at the Ministry of Magic in The Order Of The Phoenix.

Avalanche revealed on the PlayStation blog that the game’s protagonist sets out “on a collision course with a goblin rebellion led by Ranrok, aided by his alliance with the Dark wizard Victor Rookwood, who both present formidable threats to the entire wizarding world,” who appeared in a cutscene with a goblin discussing the tenuous alliance in the State of Play reveal. Fans are making the connection between this character and Augustus Rookwood of the main Harry Potter canon of whom it is believed the potential Hogwart’s Legacy’s villain Victor is an ancestor.

Hogwarts Legacy Could Explore The Lineage Of Harry Potter

Hogwarts Legacy may be set in the 1800s but that doesn't mean it won't include some of the Harry Potter franchise's most recognizable family names.

Despite Hogwarts Legacy’s expansion of Harry Potter canon and introducing new voices into the Harry Potter world – including the creation of trans witches and wizards – there’s still undoubtedly hope that the last name of the wizarding world’s most famous character might make an appearance in Hogwarts Legacy as well. Although it wasn’t known to Harry himself until after his 11th birthday, Harry came from a deep lineage of powerful witches and wizards. His great-grandfather is known to have been born in the late 1800s and to have served as a member of the Wizengamot – the Ministry of Magic’s high court of law and parliament – from 1913 to 1932. Based on the known timeline of his life, Henry is believed to have been born before 1892, which could place him as a student of Hogwarts student before the end of the 1800s and within the game’s potential timeline. Little is known about Henry’s parents, but the Potter lineage of wizards dates as far back as the 1600’s when Ralston Ralston Potter sat on the Wingzamot before him. It’s certainly possible that a family member of a generation between these two Potter nobles attended Hogwarts during the time of the game then as well.

It’s known that families like the Malfoy’s and the Estranges and many others are known to have recorded ancestors dating far back as any, and considering all those families with lineages that weren’t as laid out in detail as these the possibilities of who fans might expect to see are endless. It’s very possible Avalanche may try to distance itself from the franchise’s most well-known surnames so that the game feels like its own distinct story within the Harry Potter canon. However, with Avalanche’s confirmation that even the Weasley name will make an appearance in the game, it seems any famous name is on the table. Though important Harry Potter characters could be alive during the time of the game now, all players can do for now is speculate as to which of these famous characters or their family members may appear in-game but Avalanche is expected to release a ton more information about Hogwarts Legacy before its scheduled release later this year.

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Source: PlayStation Blog, PlayStation/YouTube

Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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