This Legendary Weapon Works with an Exotic Mod in Destiny 2

This Legendary Weapon Works with an Exotic Mod in Destiny 2

There are so many Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 that I forget about some of them, sometimes. Apparently, the game itself loses track too, because one mod designed to work with Exotic weapons has an interaction with a decidedly non-Exotic weapon. The mod in question is the seasonal Flame Harvesting, and the weapon is Drang — both the original version and Calus’s retooled “Baroque” variant.

The Flame Harvesting artifact mod creates Elemental Wells on Solar Exotic kills. For whatever reason, Destiny 2‘s Drang triggers the mod, being a pretty reliable source of Elemental Wells for any build that uses them. This is likely because Drang is related to the Exotic weapon Sturm, though other weapons with similar ties (e.g. Calus Multi-Tool to MIDA) don’t seem to activate it in the same way.

Is this terribly useful? Well, if you spec into a full-on sidearm build it could be fun, and if you prioritized crafting Drang in Destiny 2 this season then you can spec it out in some neat ways, giving it Incandescent, for instance. It’s a lot of building, though, and there are easily ways of getting Wells in low-end content. In higher-level Nightfalls, the low range of sidearms is going to let you down. Plus, Flame Harvesting costs five energy to equip, meaning you’re losing out on great seasonal mods like Classy Restoration.

Still, it could be fun to play around with, whether it’s an intentional interaction or not. I always liked the idea of Sturm and Drang in Destiny 2, even if they’re not particularly powerful, and that Surprise Attack mod’s been sitting twiddling its thumbs ever since Season of the Worthy, so maybe I’ll try it out.

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