Today’s Poeltl NBA Player of the Day Hints & Answer: April 7, 2022

Today's Poeltl NBA Player of the Day Hints & Answer: April 7, 2022

Was Jakob Poeltl the first Poeltl answer? I don’t have the previous days up in front of me. Does he get royalties from the game? Does it even make money? No matter. Whether this is your first day playing Poeltl or your 30th, we’re here to lend you helpful hints for the NBA player guessing game for Thursday, April 7, 2022. For those unfamiliar with our usual structure, we provide hints (both gentle nudges and more obvious clues) before providing the answer at the bottom of the article. We do this not to make you scroll, but to give folks who want to try and solve it for themselves first a chance. We’ll get out of the way now! Today’s Poeltl hints and answer are just below!

As we just explained, we’re going to give some hints before sharing the answer. If you just want said answer, scroll to the bottom. It’s right there in bold text below the aforementioned “SPOILER WARNING.” For those of you who just want a tiny nudge in the right direction, the next section includes both some easy hints (the player’s position, height range, team conference, etc.) followed by some more specific clues. The latter should all but tell you who the player is.

Today’s Poeltl Player Hints of the Day

In this section, we try to keep things vague and only point you in the right direction. Hints at this stage will be more about the broad attributes of the player, rather than any specific stats or situations that might give the player away. We also won’t use other methods like “rhymes with,” “sounds similar to,” and the like. More specific hints are included just after that — finally followed by the full solution. Figured we’d just warn you one last time!

Easy Hints

These first couple hints will move you in the general direction without narrowing down your options too much.

He is a guard
He plays in the Eastern Conference

See? That could be like 60 different players. Hopefully you’re doing your pre-game warmup at this point.

More Specific Hints

If you need more hints to narrow things down, we got you! It’s tough to remember these late-season rosters top to bottom! Let’s go a bit deeper.

He was the starting point guard for the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors
He was a notable addition to this year’s Miami Heat roster

wordle word of the day spoiler

Poeltl Player of the Day Answer

Still having trouble? With all the roster moves this past year we don’t blame you. If you still want to think about it, don’t scroll down any further. The answer is down there in bold! It’ll be tough to miss it. It’s right after this so only keep going if you want to know today’s answer!

The Poeltl of the Day for April 7, 2022 is:

If this was your first time playing Poeltl, we hope it was a fun time! Keep up your streak and if you need help with tomorrow’s player, we’ll be here!

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