Top Wildest & Weirdest Theories For The Marvels, According To Reddit

Top Wildest & Weirdest Theories For The Marvels, According To Reddit

Spoiler Warning: Post Contains Spoilers For Ms. Marvel!

Ms. Marvel having aired its season finale last Wednesday has left many fans with burning questions and theories about how the characters will go forward in the new film, The Marvels before its release next summer.

On Reddit, countless theories circle the possibilities of what direction the new Marvel film will take. From how mutants will become key in the MCU to Carol’s whereabouts since Endgame, all of these are genuine questions that have been circling ever since last week’s finale.

Rogue Will Appear

Rogue from the Comics

Now that the Ms. Marvel finale confirmed the existence of Mutants in the MCU, it wouldn’t be a stretch for X-Men’s famous Southern Belle, Rogue to be the latest addition for Phase 4 as well. Rogue is a powerful mutant who can absorb powers and memories of anyone upon touch with her favorite to absorb being Carol Danvers.


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Although this is merely stipulation, TokyoJettson was open to the possibility that Rogue could appear as an antagonist and a foil to Kamala’s Captain Marvel fan-girl persona. They believe that “narratively” this would work as well as bring in a “comic-accurate” Rogue into the picture. Although it is still undisclosed, Zawe Ashton has been cast in The Marvels in what is only described as the film’s “villain,” this could be enough evidence to support the Rogue theory.

X-Men ’97 Will Cross Over Into The MCU

The X-Men all line up and look in the distance in X-Men: The Animated Series

Not only Ms. Marvel but even in the Multiverse of Madness, the MCU REALLY loves to pepper in that iconic theme from the X-Men: The Animated Series. But some on Reddit are arguing that this may be intentional for a particular reason. The theory is that this is a hint that the cast of the animated series will be transported by crossing the multiverse into Earth-616.

Redditor Apenas-um-Geek introduced this theory enthusiastically by exclaiming that this situation could also lead to the “most iconic version” of the characters to be introduced. From imagination alone, it would be amazing to see the vibrant colorful outfits the animated series had been brought to life in the MCU.

Inhumans Vs. X-Men

Black Bolt Inhumans

Once upon a time when the X-Men and Mutants were IPs for 20th Century Fox, the MCU tried to utilize another race of beings with superpowers, the Inhumans, with mixed results. Inhumans only lasted a season on ABC due to poor ratings and negative reactions to the series’ storyline and characters. But that doesn’t mean the MCU has forgotten their race of moon-people, as Anson Mount reprised his Black Bolt character in the latest Doctor Strange film.

So now that mutants are confirmed to be in the MCU, how will they compare to the already semi-canon, Inhumans? Redditor Pluto66990 aptly believes that a possible “team-up or something” between the two would be amazing and that “Big Kev” would definitely “take with the idea and run with it. ” Redditor Noach20 even signals that Kamala could eventually discover she could be “both InHuman and Mutant.”

Secret Invasion Will Tie-In With The Marvels

While the news for the Disney + series, Secret Invasion, has yet to have a release date announced, it could be stipulated that it will have a tie-in along with The Marvels. The end of WandaVision had Monica encountering a Skull who wished to bring her to an “old friend” of her mother’s out in space. Whether it’s to be seen if it’ll be either Carol Danvers or Nick Fury, Redditor Surfboarder4  believes it will most likely be the latter.

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Based on the 2008 comic book series, Secret Invasion will follow Nick Fury as he tries to uncover an insidious Skrull sect that has infiltrated Earth. Collaborating with his own Skull allies, Fury has been operating outside Earth, and seeing that Monica will possibly join him in this investigation could be the tie-in for the two properties to coincide with one another.

Monica Will Be The New Head Of S.W.O.R.D.

Monica Rambeau powering up in WandaVision.

The arrest of the disgraced head of S.W.O.R.D., Tyler Hayward, left the fate of the agency’s leadership up in the air. With the spot now open for anyone to take, it seems sensible for Monica Rambeau, the daughter of the agency’s founder to take up the spot her mother once had.

Redditor LupusNoxFleuret believes that this might be the case or even the possibility of  “Talos or Fury” could head the organization as well. Putting Monica in a position of power could make her a formidable ally or opponent depending on which direction her character will take considering she may have some animosity toward her mother’s best friend, Carol Danvers.

Stark Tech Will Be Used For A “Sentinel” Program

Sentinel vs X-Men

The Drones from the Edith program that was introduced back in Spiderman: Far From Home have now been obtained by the Department of Damage Control (DODC) for nefarious purposes from grossly spying on Muslim communities to endangering children. These acts could be the DODC’s eventual setup of introducing the Sentinel program into the MCU.

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Redditor SwampcatJungle further elaborates on this that the “MCU just cleverly set up Ms. Marvel and Kamran as the first mutants to have been tracked by the stark tech drones. Pair this with the mutant genetics testing Bruno did and they would be able to likely find any mutant with some sort of scientific explanation or jargon. I really think we just got our first rough beta test of the Sentinels Origin in the MCU.”

Kamala and Carol Will Be Transported To The Negative Zone

The marvels Captain Marvel Ms Marvel

Redditor Noach20 elaborates on what might have happened in that post-credit scene in the Ms. Marvel finale. The scene in question shows Kamala tinkering with her bangle only to suddenly be whisked away and have Carol Danvers then appear out of nowhere in Kamala’s room.  This has left fans bewildered and debating what could have transpired.

Noach20 goes into full detail that the bangle itself is an “MCU version of the Nega Bands and just like the Nega Bands in the comics they will switch places with whoever was holding them. Originating from the Negative Zone, the Clandestine’s home world. This connection could eventually lead to Kamala and Carol venturing into the Negative Zone for more insight into the bangle and possibly other artifacts.

The Ten Rings And Kamala’s Bangles Will Have A Connection

Split image of Ms Marvel's bangle and Shang-Chi rings

Noach20 opens up his theories on Reddit by stating the connection between the two artifacts by stating that the bangle was found in a Ten Rings temple by Aisha. They go on to include that this connection is what starts the investigation between Captain Marvel and Shang-Chi at the end of The Legend of The Ten Rings.

Redditor Express-Part-9828 counters that they would not like the two artifacts to be connected and not have “the Kree to be behind everything.” Instead, they hoped to see that the Kree are more imperialist archaeologists and have traveled several different dimensions to collect artifacts like the bangle and have used them as weapons in the past before losing them in the temple discovered by Aisha and the Clandestines.

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