Uncharted: Nolan North’s Cameo Explained

Uncharted: Nolan North’s Cameo Explained

Sony’s Uncharted featured a cameo from Nolan North, the actor who originally played and voiced Nathan Drake in the games. Here’s what his line meant.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Uncharted!

Sony’s Uncharted featured a cameo from Nolan North, who voices Nathan Drake in the popular game series. Uncharted is the live-action adaptation of the extremely successful video game franchise of the same name. The protagonist, Nathan Drake, is played by Spider-Man: No Way Home lead Tom Holland. The film was full of hidden Easter eggs and video game references, but perhaps the most exciting of which was Nolan North’s Uncharted cameo.

The Uncharted film does not directly adapt any of the games. Instead, it follows an original story that is set before the first game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. However, the film paid homage to its source material through clever imagery, costume and set design, and a cameo by the original voice actor behind the games’ lead. Nolan North’s Uncharted appearance serves as a thumbs-up to Tom Holland’s performance as Nathan Drake and the film in general.


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More interestingly, however, is the line North says during his Uncharted cameo. After Holland’s Drake falls from a cargo plane into the ocean, he meets North on a beach and answers his query regarding what happened to him. Nolan replies to Holland’s summary by saying, “something like that happened to me once before,” referencing the similar sequence that took place in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, which inspired the film’s action set-piece.

Noland North’s Cameo Is A Gift To Uncharted Game Fans

Nolan North and Tom Holland Uncharted Cameo

The Uncharted game series as a whole is known for its cinematic and over-the-top action sequences. One of the most famous examples of said action sequences is the cargo plane level in Uncharted 3. The Uncharted film directly borrowed a few scenes from the games, such as the auction heist, Nate’s flashback sequence, and the cargo plane scene which was heavily featured in Uncharted’s trailers.

The sequence plays out similarly in the movies and films. In both cases, Nathan is trying to board the plane undetected to thwart his enemies’ plans of finding a treasure before he does, and in both cases, he is discovered, which leads to the airborne action sequence loved by many. However, there are a few differences between the two versions. While Drake crashes the plane in the game, the does not happen in the film. Additionally, the bombastic aspect of the set-piece was dialed up for the big screen, by throwing a luxury car, guns, and more antagonists into the mix.

Ultimately, Nolan North’s Uncharted cameo was a pleasant surprise for fans of the games. Nathan Drake is a beloved character for many, and North’s portrayal of him is held in very high regard. Therefore, including the original actor in this new adaptation of Uncharted is bound to please audiences. Moreover, his callback to the events of Uncharted 3 is a gratifying Easter egg that many viewers will pick up on, unlike the other hidden details that require more attentive viewing. While Uncharted was not the best-received film, it pays homage to its source material and offers an enjoyable treasure-hunting adventure. Fortunately, the film’s two post-credit scenes all but confirm that the inevitable sequel will follow the games more faithfully.

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Will Nolan North Return For The Uncharted Movie Sequel?

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan in Uncharted's post-credits scene

The Uncharted cameo that Nolan North made was an undeniable thrill for fans of the video game series — but will he appear in Uncharted 2? Though a sequel hasn’t been outright confirmed as of yet, Sony went on to say that they were so happy with the success of Uncharted, that they knew this would be the start of a franchise. So, while there’s no official announcement, their intentions have been made crystal clear. Tom Holland is taking a little break from his career at the moment, which could be a reason for the delays around the official green-lighting of Uncharted 2. It’s likely that when the Spider-Man star announces a comeback, people will get to know more about the confirmed/unconfirmed sequel to Uncharted. 

Though Tom Holland may come back for Uncharted 2, Noland North probably won’t. His Uncharted cameo was a great salute to people who religiously played the games, but there really isn’t a spot available for another cameo. Featuring the actor again would involve hitting the same fan-service beats, and it doesn’t leave room for other members of the video game franchise to make an appearance. Either way, Nolan North’s cameo in Uncharted was a special moment that paid affectionate homage to the movie’s source material.

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