Where to Find Little Chrysalids in Elden Ring

Where to Find Little Chrysalids in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, players will want to find the Chrysalids’ Memento hidden within Stormveil Castle for Roderika to take her message to Little Chrysalids.

In Elden Ring, players can find Little Chrysalids to assist the NPC Roderika in her quest to become one with the spiders. Players will find this quest on the route to Stormveil Castle, where the witchy Roderika will explain that she intended to go with her Chrysalids to become a spider, but she becomes afraid at the last minute. She will ask the player to take a message to her Little Chrysalids. Additionally, Roderika will give the player Spirit Jellyfish Ashes if they already are in possession of the bell from the witch Ranni in Elden Ring at the Church of Elleh.

To begin the quest for the Little Chrysalids, players should proceed to Stormveil Castle. Of note, in order to unlock this location, players will first need to defeat the boss Margit, the Fell Omen. Once inside the castle, players should proceed to the Site of Grace named Rampart Tower. From there, players should run past the enemy Stormhawks, toss the barrels and jump down. Players will know they are on the right path if they pass a Knight and a guard wielding a large staff. Players should keep going until they reach the Many Armed Key Master mini-boss, who can be found in the kitchens.


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Players will need to kill this enemy to proceed with the quest, but this mini-boss fight is difficult, so players need to be adequately leveled. This fight is similar to the boss in the Secret Kingsrealm Ruins Door in Elden Ring, Royal Revenant. This mini-boss resembles and moves like a spider, so players should be cautious. Once the Many Armed Key Master is dead, players should continue to a room near the dining hall that contains two rabid canines and a pile of dead bodies. Players will need to defeat the zombie dogs to explore the room. On top of the pile of corpses, players will find the item Chrysalids’ Memento. Players will need to return this to Roderika at the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace.

Returning Chrysalids’ Memento in Elden Ring

How To Help Roderika In Elden Ring

Once this first phase of the quest is complete, Roderika will thank players for the Chrysalids’ Memento and advise them she is heading to the Roundtable Hold. When players meet her at Roundtable Hold near a fireplace, she will gift them a Golden Seed in Elden Ring. Players should then visit the Smithing Master Hewg to assist Roderika in becoming a Spirit Tuner. Players will need to visit each NPC twice and continue to relay their messages. Once complete, each time players visit Roundtable Hold, they will find Roderika and Smithing Master Hewg together, and Roderika will be able to upgrade spirit ashes for the player.

Additionally, players will be able to find the Crimson Hood Roderika wears. This cosmetic item is in the same location where players originally discovered the Chrysalids’ Memento on a pile of corpses in a room off the dining hall in Stormveil Castle. However, players will only be able to find the distinct hood once all of Roderika’s questlines in Elden Ring are complete.

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Elden Ring is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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