Where to Find Thavnairian Calamari in FFXIV

Where to Find Thavnairian Calamari in FFXIV

Thavnairian Calamari is the latest FFXIV fish needed to make a tasty dish (or two or three). That is to say: you need this new catch to create the latest Item Level 590 food items as a Culinarian. This is naturally where a practiced Fisher comes in handy. Whether that’s you or another player willing to share their squid, this Disciple of the Land is the only way to reliable rustle up some Thavnairian Calamari from the waters of Ilsabard. But where and how does one find the undersea creature? Let’s take a look with our Thavnairian Calamari location guide!

As you can probably guess from the name alone, Thavnairian Calamari spawns in the region of Thavnair. It’s specifically found right near the Tower of Zot (one of the earliest dungeons you encounter in the Main Scenario Quest of Endwalker). The exact coordinates are pretty generous. You just need to be standing generally near the water here. But you basically want to stand somewhere around the coordinates (X: 8.3, Y: 8.2) in the northwestern section of the region. Just get in position and cast your line!

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ffxiv where to find thavnairian calamari

Naturally, location is a key element in Final Fantasy fishing. The next most important factor is bait. You need lots of the stuff to gather Thavnairian Calamari en masse and, sadly, the proper selection is expensive. You specifically want Mackerel Strips. These are primarily purchased with Purple Gatherers’ Scrips from the Scrip Exchange NPC in Radz-at-Han (X: 11.5, Y: 9.5). These will only set you back five scrips apiece. Yet anyone that’s ever farmed for Gatherers’ Scrip will know that getting more can be a tedious pain in the neck… Another option is to simply buy the bait on the Market Board. Though this leaves you at the whims of supply, demand, and whatever prices are being set on your Data Center.

A simple Versatile Lure does appear to work as well. This is obviously much cheaper than relying on endgame fishing bait, but the catch chance is far lower than with a Mackerel Strip. Anyone that fished for Blue Crabs back in Shadowbringers should be familiar with the gist of this by now. Speaking of which: Thavnairian Calamari just might be worth the hassle. Like the Blue Crab dishes before it, Thavnairian Calamari is used to craft some of the best food items in the game for crafters and gatherers. You need one per dish to make three Calamari Ripieni (for Disciples of the Hand) and three Kalamarakia Tiganita (for Disciples of the Land.

ffxiv thavnairian calamari

Like all such food items, this means you get triple the items for each finished craft. This can help offset the high number of ingredients required to make the food in the first place. It all depends on how many you can sell to other prospective crafters and gatherers. Then again, you can skip this part altogether and simply sell the squids themselves if you’re a decent Fisher! Skills like Triple Hook and Identical Cast can be a huge help. Players have also reported that the fish tends to bite between 6-10 seconds. If you don’t catch something within that timeframe, you can reel back in and try again for greater efficiency.

Best of luck, anglers!