Where To Follow Married At First Sight Season 15 Cast On Instagram

Where To Follow Married At First Sight Season 15 Cast On Instagram

Married at First Sight season 15’s just begun. Here’s where to follow all the new cast members on Instagram, to see the offscreen drama unfold.

Married at First Sight season 15 recently premiered on Lifetime, and fans can’t wait to follow the cast member on Instagram. The new season features ten new and hopeful singles who are willing to take the ultimate risk by getting married to a complete stranger. With the drama that’s sure to come, fans are interested in keeping up with the Married At First Sight stars on social media.

Married at First Sight has been a huge hit, both on its original network of A&E and current home at Lifetime. In season 14, all but one couple opted to stay together on decision day. However, fans were shocked when three of the remaining four couples called it quits not long after the season finished airing.


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Fans are eager to catch up with MAFS stars on social media, as it allows them to remain updated on their relationships when the cameras are no longer rolling. Lifetime requires cast members to keep their accounts set to private until the show is done airing to avoid leaking any spoilers. However, stars with current social media followings are likely to encourage requests regardless.



29-year-old Alexis has some practice in the game of romance, as she’s been proposed to three times before Married At First Sight. The former football player turned logistics specialist is ready to say “yes” to her new husband, Justin. Alexis is private online and is not currently on Instagram. However, cast members are encouraged to keep their online accounts private until the end of the season. So Alexis may connect with fans online later on.

Binh Trinh


Binh is an engineer who runs an online life coaching and personal training business. He is a first-generation American that was born to parents who met in the U.S. after fleeing the Vietnam war. The 29-year-old hopes the MAFS experts found a love like his parents with his new wife, Morgan. He can be followed at @binhinspiring on Instagram.



Justin is a 33-year-old digital marketing consultant who’s open to love after having been previously engaged and calling off the wedding a month before he was slated to say “I do.” Now, he’s ready to take the plunge with Alexis. Justin is not on Instagram at the moment but may build up more of an online presence once the show has aired.

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Krysten is 32 years old and works as a sales rep. The Virginia native was previously engaged but broke things off before tying the knot. She hopes to find love with her new husband and stranger, Mitch. It appears that Krysten is not on Instagram and is looking to keep her online presence private until the season has finished airing.

Lindy Elloway


Lindy is a 29-year-old physical therapist and volleyball player. She once called off an engagement when she was very young. She hopes to find love for real this time and has been matched with Miguel. She is not on Instagram, so fans will have to keep watching Married At First Sight season 15  in order to find out more about her.



35-year-old medical director Miguel describes himself as a “serial monogamist” and is ready to find his person and best friend. As a child of divorce, he hopes things will work out in his marriage. Miguel is also not on Instagram, which is one thing he will have in common with his new wife, Lindy.

Mitch Silverstein


Environmentalist and surfer Mitch Silverstein is the season’s oldest contestant at 41. He’s never been in a long-term relationship before; however, he hopes jumping in head first will lead to success with his new wife, Krysten. Fans can follow him on Instagram at @sitchellmilverstein.

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Morgan Bell

morgan married at first sight 2 CROPPED

27-year-old RN Morgan Bell is looking for a strong and dependable partner. She enjoys watching anime and hopes to find a match to help her balance her career and romantic life. Hopefully, she finds it with her husband, Binh. Married At First Sight fans can follow her at @missmorgan1337 on Instagram.


34-year-old day trader Nate was raised by a single father. Like in his career, he hopes that taking a big risk on MAFS will pay off. He is looking to build an empire with queen-to-be Stacia. Nate cannot be found on Instagram, so viewers will have to keep up with him through the show for now.

Stacia Karcher


37-year-old accountant Stacia is putting her faith in God (and the experts) to find her perfect match. Hopefully, Nate will prove to be the one. Stacia is unique compared to other stars this season, as she’s also a social media influencer and blogger. She has 2,291 followers and can be found at @stac1a_d on Instagram.

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Married At First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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