Where to Get the Red, Yellow, & Purple Plants for Malo in Stray

Where to Get the Red, Yellow, & Purple Plants for Malo in Stray

The best game of 2022 is finally here. Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray lets players control a wayward cat that gets separated from its clowder and must explore a mysterious, desolate city. Boasting a mix of platforming, puzzles, and chase sequences, Stray is more than just wandering around as an adorable feline.

Along your journey, you will meet several colorful characters and will be asked to complete various side quests for them. One of these is collecting the red, yellow, and purple plants for Malo in AntVillage. Keep in mind that you can only start this side quest after you’ve spoken to Zbaltazar.

Here’s a guide on where to find all three plants, and what you’ll get as a reward from Malo.

Red, Yellow, and Purple Plant Locations

Red Plant

Stray Red Plant

After speaking with Malo, go to the very bottom of AntVillage and approach the two robots playing mahjong. Behind them will be a bucket lift (circled above) that you can take to the ground floor, where two robots are working around a small tree with red flowers.

Carefully jump across the barrels and debris until you reach the small island. Hop onto the box by the tree and collect the red plant hanging from the branch. You can get up to the village by going back the way you came and climbing up the wooden posts.

Purple Plant

Stray Purple Plant

We’re actually going to snag the purple plant next since it’s right next to the mahjong table.

Once you climb back up to where the robots are playing, look to the right and you should see a tree branch sticking out from under the wooden planks. Jump onto this branch and then run along it until you reach the end. You will be given a prompt to collect the purple plant.

Yellow Plant

Stray Purple Plant

After you get the purple plant, climb all the way back up until you reach the small restaurant where Cookime and Nikko are.

Go past them both towards the edge of the platform by the couch. There will be a small pipe you can climb onto and walk across. Follow this a few feet around the tree until you reach the yellow plant.

Once you have all three plants, go back up to where Malo is and talk to her. You’ll need to manually give her each of the flowers to complete this side quest. Upon giving Malo the last flower, she will reward you with a cute heart button that will be permanently pinned to your cat’s vest for the rest of the game.

This doesn’t appear to give you any bonuses or extra abilities. Additionally, there is no specific achievement tied to getting every flower for Malo. However, it is required for earning the Badges trophy/achievement that unlocks when you earn all the badges in Stray.

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