Where to Get Tibia’s Summons in Elden Ring

Where to Get Tibia's Summons in Elden Ring

Tibia’s Summons is a hybrid Sorcery in Elden Ring that doesn’t summon Spirits like the Spirit Calling Bell but rather conjures a skeleton ambush.

Tibia’s Summons is a Death Sorcery in Elden Ring that conjures three Skeletons that will attack a single target but can damage multiple enemies within the nearby vicinity. Known as “Those Lost in Death,” these Summons will emerge in a triangle-shaped fashion and bring their swords down upon an opponent in unison. Requiring Intelligence 28 and Faith 20, Tibia’s Summons can be enhanced with the Prince of Death’s Staff in Elden Ring.

Keep in mind that Tibia’s Summons does not function like summoned Spirit Ashes. The three Skeletons do not remain after their attack and will disappear once they’ve fulfilled their purpose. Furthermore, it is possible for the summoned minions to miss their target completely, as Those Lost in Death do not seem to have any “homing instinct” like Glintstone projectiles. Nevertheless, this Death Sorcery is aesthetically perfect for those roleplaying as a Necromancer or Death Knight. Regardless, Tibia’s Summons should not be used as a primary choice of offense but instead be utilized as an opening attack or the start of a Spell combo on slow-moving or immobile enemies.


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To get the Tibia’s Summons Death Sorcery in Elden Ring, Tarnished spellcasters must defeat the Tibia Mariner located in Wyndham Ruins of Altus Plateau. Players can reach this location by traveling up the small slope north of the Erdtree-Gazing Hill. Those who’ve unlocked the Altus Highway Junction Grace can ride westward through the valley to the ruins. Since the Tibia Mariner is an undead enemy, adventurers are recommended to use armaments that can deal Holy Damage for the best results in combat.

How To Unlock Tibia’s Summons in Elden Ring

Tibia's Summons Map Location In Elden Ring

To defeat the Tibia Mariner of Wyndham Ruins, Tarnished will need to have a general understanding of how the boss’s mechanics in Elden Ring work. Those who’ve previously faced the Tibia Mariner of Limgrave or Liurnia will know that the Field Boss will summon skeletal soldiers to its side, rallying a raid against the player. However, Altus Plateau’s Tibia Mariner has stronger Summons and frequently calls forth a Giant Skeleton that can either smash Tarnished flat or blast them with Death Sorceries. Additionally, the arena is moderately spacious, meaning this boss fight is best fought atop Torrent.

Because Tibia Mariner can summon its Skeletal Militia non-stop, Tarnished are recommended to only slay the minions when their numbers get out of hand. During the battle, the Mariner will typically teleport to the south, north, and elevated western ridge of Wyndham Ruins. Follow the Field Boss wherever it goes, attacking it while mounted. Whenever the Giant Skeleton appears, immediately go behind its back since it has no rear counterattacks. Once defeated, the Tibia Mariner will drop Tibia’s Summons in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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