Which Bob’s Burgers Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

Which Bob’s Burgers Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

The Belcher family were brought to the big screen in The Bob’s Burgers Movie, alongside some other familiar faces. Revolving around the hectic but wholesome lives of the Belchers, Bob’s Burgers has aired for 10 successful years, bringing a different edge to animated series by adding a warmth that isn’t always included in other shows.

Whether it’s the ridiculous antics of the Belcher kids, Linda’s love for dinner theater and musicals, or Bob’s general exhaustion with life, the show would be nothing without its ensemble cast of eccentric and entertaining characters that all have their own, unique quirks. With each of them having different personas, the Bob’s Burgers zodiac signs can be matched up.


Louise – Aries

Like Louise, people born under the Aries sign are passionate and self-assured, but also tend to be short-tempered and impulsive. They are highly competitive, and leaders rather than followers (or at least want to help make the decisions).

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Louise is unafraid to loudly and confidently make her opinions heard and go after her goals. She proves that even though she is only nine years old, she can hold her own against the older kids.

Millie – Taurus

An Earth sign, Tauruses are practical, ambitious, and devoted. Once they find a person or a cause to adopt as their own, they can be possessive and uncompromising.

Millie Frock is a fourth-grader known for being obsessed with Louise. She is so determined to be her friend that she once ran an entire election for school president, just so she could forcibly assign the youngest Belcher as her “bestie.”

Linda – Gemini

Linda Belcher making a finger fun in The Bob's Burgers Movie

Affectionate, inquisitive, and outgoing, Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac. As one of the best characters in Bob’s Burgers, Linda may be a busy mother of three, but she is the definition of only being as old as you feel.

She’s always looking for a skill to learn or a new event to put on at the restaurant, from speed dating to murder mystery dinner theater. Linda’s friendly nature can come off as pushy or nosy, but that doesn’t stop her from happily chatting away with customers.

Tina – Cancer

Those born under the Cancer sign are highly imaginative and emotional creatures, and Tina has imagination in spades between her “freaky friend fiction,” her “Equestronauts” obsession, and her imaginary horse friend.

Like many Cancers, Tina has a lot of love to give, which is one of the reasons that there are plenty of best Tina Belcher episodes, but she easily falls into the traps of pessimism and insecurity, especially about her crushes and her changing body, like most kids going through puberty.

Gene – Leo

Gene is creative, warmhearted, and commands the attention of everybody in the room with his sense of humor.

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Like his mother, Gene is social and eagerly seeks attention, but when he is out of his comfort zone, it can make him stubborn and inflexible to change, like when Daryl used his keyboard in “Itty Bitty Ditty Committee.” Gene is very enthusiastic, and his self-confidence can border on arrogance … but in a fun way!

Bob – Virgo

Being a father of three children and the owner of a struggling burger restaurant (a cartoon restaurant we wish was real,) Bob’s focus is on getting the job done. Hardworking and practical, Bob is “all work and no play,” and may seem boring to many of the louder and more excitable signs.

A perfectionist when it comes to his burgers, any sign of failure weighs heavily on him when others might be able to shrug it off. Bob is responsible, loyal, and always makes sure that his family is taken care of, even when times are tough.

Jimmy Jr. – Libra

Close up of Jimmy looking shocked in Bob's Burgers

Another social sign, Libras are the serial flirters of the zodiac and get jealous when things don’t go their way. Though Jimmy Jr. makes it clear that he wants to keep his options open, he still flirts with Tina whenever the mood strikes, that is, until another girl catches his eye.

Prone to self-pity, Libras can be difficult at times, but Tina doesn’t seem to mind sitting in a closet with him while he sings his “mus-oems” about his life’s frustrations.

Jimmy Pesto – Scorpio

Jimmy Pesto Bob's Burgers

Scorpios are aggressive, passionate, and stubborn to a fault. Short-tempered and sneaky, Jimmy Pesto runs the pizza parlor across the street from Bob’s Burgers and is Bob’s primary rival. Jimmy thrives off of conflict and gets jealous at any hint of others’ success, so it’s no surprise he’s known as one of the best villains in Bob’s Burgers.

Despite his flaws, he’s resourceful and a successful businessman. Financially speaking, his restaurant usually seems to be doing much better than Bob’s.

Zeke – Sagittarius

Known for their sense of humor, Sagittarians are boisterous, mischievous, and some of the most loyal friends to have. They might make big promises that they can’t keep and have a terrible filter, but they mean well.

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They are free spirits that don’t want to be tied down but will do anything for the ones they care about most. Zeke may be a troublemaker that finds himself in detention or threatened with military school, but just try to mess with his friends and see what happens.

Mr. Frond – Capricorn

An uptight but ambitious school counselor, Mr. Frond is a textbook Capricorn. He is intelligent (to the point of being a bit of a know-it-all) and relentless when it comes to achieving his goals.

Mr. Frond is a serious rule-follower, though that often means taking the rules into his own hands and making them his own, such as when he turned detention into “Scared Fabulous,” a program that rehabilitates kids through fashion.

Aunt Gayle – Aquarius

Aunt Gayle is an odd duck, from eating lipstick “to feel red inside” to faking injuries for attention. She definitely has the eccentricity and originality of an Aquarius.

Gayle is artistic and unique in her self-expression and can be very stubborn when her mind is made up (especially when it comes to her art). She desperately wants to be loved, but she also fears it and sabotages her own relationships with her awkward, skittish behavior.

Teddy – Pisces

Teddy is an emotional and gentle soul but can be impressionable and far too trusting, especially when it comes to love. Eager for a family that always seems just out of his reach, Teddy brands Bob as his best friend, and inserts himself into their activities, but can be closed off when it comes to making genuine connections of his own.

Like other Pisces, he has an artistic side, and once got into the business of designing uplifting posters to help encourage others.

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