Which Daedric Prince Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Daedric Prince Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

A game like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still has relevancy in the gaming world 11 years later as it is constantly being patched and new mods are being developed. With the open world, a long list of quests, and the even longer list of NPCs, and Daedric artifacts, Skyrim has something for all players that pick up a controller. While The Elder Scroll VI is still a long way from being created, fans can still reminisce about the other five games of the franchise.

One major constant of The Elder Scrolls is Daedra. They appear in multiple forms across all the games. Whether they are good or bad, every one of the Daedric Princes has cults that follow them without question. It is the traits of each of the Princes that resonate with each sign of the Zodiac. Followers of the Zodiac believe that star signs dictate our very existence, just as the Daedra do for the citizens of Skyrim.


12 Aries- Mehrunes Dagon

Mehrunes Dagon Statue In Skyrim

Competition is no stranger to those born under the fire sign Aries. They thrive on it and will continue to fight until their last breath, even if there is no hope of winning. The ram is also a natural-born leader and can very easily persuade others to take up their cause, just like Mehrunes Dagon.

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The Mythic Dawn cult follows the Mehrunes Dagon and their quest to take over the mortal realm. Together, they are hellbent on the re-creation of the Mythic Era and destroying the Septim bloodline. Despite the fact they have never succeeded, it doesn’t stop Mehrune Dagon from trying.

11 Taurus- Boethiah

Boethiah Statue In Skyrim

Honest to a fault, Taurus’ know what they want and are not afraid to go for it. They do not have time to tell someone what they want to hear but would rather be upfront with what they have to say.

Boethiah is the goddess of treachery, sedition, and unlawful overthrow of authority. Taurus and Beothiah only accept the best among their groups and will voice the reason why someone is not worthy of being part of it. Boethiah takes this to an extreme as she wants the player to sacrifice a follower and unlock their full evil potential.

10 Gemini- Clavicus Vile

Clavicus Vile in Skyrim

Geminis love to love and to hold one down is a journey. They like adventure and thrills, but their passions vary depending on their mood. Their friends and lovers, however, will always have the Gemini in the back of their minds.

Choices are made, and an important one comes in the form of Barbas, Clavicus Vile’s dog. He is a loyal pup, but his master has banished him because he was annoying. Geminis can relate to Clavicus Vile as they too have people who adore them but can’t keep their attention. All Barbas wants is to be by his master’s side, even if he suffers because of it.

9 Cancer- Hircine

Hircine in Skyrim

This crab sign is ruled by the moon and bonds with their friends for life. Their senses are heightened more than any other sign like werewolves in Skyrim. Hircine’s realm is where werewolves go to die.

The player can become part of The Circle, a branch of the Companions, and become a werewolf once a day. With Hircine’s Ring, the reward for his quest, this changes to any time the player wishes to transform. The tight-knit group of The Circle corresponds with a Cancer’s natural bonding trait.

8 Leo- Sheogorath

Sheogorath in Skyrim

Being in the spotlight with all eyes on them makes a Leo thrive. Whenever they are around, everyone knows it and makes effort to see them. Additionally, Leos like to indulge in their desires.

The Prince of Madness makes his appearance in the minds of his followers, making them completely devote their lives to them without hesitation. As with Leo, Sheogorath is center stage at all times. Even the weapon the Dragonborn is given from this prince, the Wabbajack, while a weak weapon for most players, is an interesting prize for Leos wanting to indulge and bask in their glory.

7 Virgo- Jyggalag

Jyggalag In Skyrim

Logical and analytical, Virgo believes that everything has a home, and everyone belongs in it. Nothing less than absolute order is acceptable among this fire sign. Jyggalag, the Prince of Order, exemplifies this trait.

He picks apart everything. No matter the scenario, each outcome has been recorded and thought of. Jyggalag does not know what a surprise is as it has been investigated in the realm of possibility. The world to this Daedric Prince is like a checklist to a Virgo- to be marked off and completed.

6 Libra- Azura

Azura In Skyrim

The Lady of the Scales, Libra likes everything in balance, an equilibrium of all things on earth. They value harmony over chaos and beauty over ugliness. This is exemplified in Azura, The Prince of Dusk and Dawn, who keeps night and day separate but equal.

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She is the fairest of the Daedric Princes, always seeking harmony and balance in everything in the world, blending the colors of every personality to make one giant piece of beautiful art.

5 Scorpio- Molag Bal

Molag Bol In Skyrim

The most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio is always one step ahead of their enemies. They are strong, determined, and pack one heck of a punch when no one expects them. Molag Bal, the God of Schemes, showcases the darker side of the Scorpio that makes them a powerful enemy.

The meeting of Molag Bol and his subsequent quest is too short but the evil mace the Dragonborn receives after his quest is powerful. Wielding this type of power is something the Scorpio thrives on as it sets them apart from their enemies and the locals constantly comment on it.

4 Sagittarius- Vaermina

Vaermina in Elder Scrolls Online

Under Jupiter, Sagittarius is energetic and likes to constantly be stimulated and extroverted. As such, they create connections that normal people wouldn’t. In dreams, Vaermina does the same but with the intent to torture her victims.

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The prince of psychological terror, torment, and dreams, she has a hold on the people of Dawnstar who cannot sleep due to the nightmares they experience. Vaermina connects with the NPCs in and out of dreams because she thinks

3 Capricorn- Mephala

Mephala in Elder Scrolls Online

The sign of the goat is driven toward any goal they set their mind to and will not give up on achieving it until their last breath. Capricorns keep their eye on the long-term prize and will use every tool they can as does the Spider Prince, a.k.a Mephala.

Determined to get to her destination, Mephala uses all the resources available to her, including children, though she knows they are limited and seeks out a better champion to do her bidding. She traps them in her legs and keeps the player guessing what her true intentions are.

2 Aquarius- Hermaeus Mora

Hermaeus Mora In Skyrim

Aquarius is intelligent and clever a trait that they and Hermaeus Mora have in common. While he is not good or bad, he holds all the knowledge of everything an Aquarius wishes they could get their hands on.

Known as the Demon of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora is a shapeshifter that will manifest in any way he sees fit. He has information on anything and everything and his realm is an endless hall of stacks of books that Aquarius can get lost in.

1 Pisces- Nocturnal

Nocturnal in Skyrim

The nicest people to meet are the ones born under the Pisces constellation. They tend to be selfless, empathetic, and console those who are in need. Nocturnal and Pisces are emotional and do not accept failure well but are eventually forgiving.

A player is recruited to the Nightingales to kill Mercer who has betrayed them. When entering the Twilight Sepulcher, Nocturnal is disappointed to see Karliah, who has not fulfilled the end of the bargain, until now. With the offering of two more recruits, Nocturnal is satisfied and welcomes Karliah back with open arms as a Pisces would to someone who had betrayed them.

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