Which Tessa Thompson Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Tessa Thompson Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Reprising her role as Valkyrie in the much-anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder (July 8), Tessa Thompson recently shared which MCU characters she’d love to see in a solo Valkyrie movie. Whether Thompson gets her wish, fans would love to see more Valkyrie, a character who is thousands of years old and with an unknown birth date. That means if a fan wants to figure out her zodiac sign, they’d have to examine her personality traits instead. Of course, Valkyrie would be more likely to have an interest in Nordic birth runes than she would the Western zodiac.

With Thompson’s huge body of work though, fans can find all twelve zodiac signs represented amongst her characters.


Aries: Nia (Murder On The 13th Floor)

Ariana, Cody, and Nia scared on the roof in Murder on the 13th Floor

In this Lifetime movie, Nia has a lot of Virgo tendencies, like having caregiver instincts and a structured life. But she’s also a woman of action. Her passions fuel her, which is why she’s an Aries.

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Nia is passionate about the plan she has for her future. She’s a psychology student with a focus on children, and being a nanny gives her real-life experience in her future career path. When push comes to shove, Nia puts her life on the line to protect the little boy she’s nannying for, even when it’s the boy’s own mother trying to kill her.

Taurus: Ollie (Little Woods)

Thompson and Lily James star as a pair of sisters struggling to get by in a small town near the Canadian-American border. Thompson’s Ollie is the one trying to get her life back on track after a conviction for transporting illegal substances across the border, but she also takes care of her sister.

Despite Ollie’s past, she is the stability in the family, the one who can always be depended on. That’s exactly what a Taurus is: the unmoving rock in a sea of trouble. Ollie spends a lot of the movie trying to get her and her sister out of debt so they can both stand on their own.

Gemini: Detroit (Sorry To Bother You)

Sorry to Bother You reunites Thompson with Little Woods costar James… in a way. James is Detroit’s “white voice” for the movie as Detroit adapts to sell her art to an audience.

It’s Detroit’s chameleon-like abilities that make her a Gemini. More so than the other characters in the movie, Detroit adapts to every hurdle thrown her way. She even seems to adapt her art. The audience is never fully clear on the themes of Detroit’s art because she changes as she needs to in order to survive in a world that targets her.

Cancer: Josie (Annihilation)

Annihilation might not have been the best-received science fiction movie, but it was beautifully shot, and incredibly well-acted by its primarily female cast. Thompson is Josie in the movie, a scientist who largely keeps to herself amongst the team that’s thrown together.

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Like a Cancer, Josie might be a little shy, but she also connects with people easily once she opens up. She’s also deeply feeling, and when she realizes that there’s no escaping the team is in, she willingly gives herself over to circumstance.

Leo: Nikki (Hidden Palms)

Tessa Thompson as Nikki in a headshot for Hidden Palms

The television series Hidden Palms provided Thompson with one of her first major television roles, though the series didn’t make it beyond its first season. Thompson’s Nikki shakes things up early in the show by coming to town to find the guy she dated when they were both in rehab.

Nikki is someone who loves to be the center of attention, but her struggles with different substances also mean she tends to crumble under the weight of too much attention. It’s a fine line for the character to walk. Leos are often the center of the party, and that’s where Nikki is most comfortable, even when she’s meeting new people.

Virgo: Jackie (Veronica Mars)

Tessa Thompson and Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars

Another television character for Thompson, Jackie entered the world of Veronica Mars in the second season as the daughter of a local athlete who moved to town. While she had her secrets, Jackie also was incredibly observant of her new friends and had an analytical mind that could rival Veronica’s.

Jackie’s move to town was supposed to help her get closer to the father she didn’t know, but it didn’t work out for her. Despite wanting to connect with people, as most Virgos do, Jackie opted to return home, where she could stay close to her young son and work to plan a better future for him.

Libra: Irene (Passing)

Irene and Clare Attraction Passing

Libras are often seen as the most diplomatic of signs, able to see every side of an argument. However, they are also very firm in their own sense of justice and right and wrong. Irene exemplifies that aspect of a Libra as she interacts with her childhood friend Clare in Passing.

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A light-skinned Black woman, Irene is able to “pass” in white society, but she doesn’t attempt to and takes issue with Clare doing it. Despite disagreeing with Clare, Irene keeps her secret from those she knows could hurt her. Irene grows more and more uncomfortable with Clare’s presence in her life though, finding Clare’s decisions unsettling.

Scorpio: Valkyrie (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Valkyrie in her armor and cape in Thor: Ragnarok

Scorpios tend to keep to themselves. They don’t like to allow others to see their true selves until they’re sure the other person can be trusted. They’re also great at solving puzzles and attacking their goals head-on. All of that falls right in line with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Valkyrie.

Valkyrie hides a lot of the pain in her past when she first meets Thor because she doesn’t want to deal with it. It’s only when she realizes that she and Thor aren’t that different after all that she agrees to help him. In true Scorpio fashion, once Valkyrie makes up her mind, there’s nothing stopping her.

Sagittarius: Agent M (Men In Black: International)

Agent M is someone who spends most of her formative years trying to figure out just who she is — and prove that something from her childhood is real. She’s incredibly intelligent, able to prove that a secret government organization exists, and become a part of it, all while trying to learn about just how expansive the universe really is.

Her adventurous spirit and thirst for knowledge are great examples of the wanderlust present in a Sagittarius. The sign is always on the hunt for freedom and satisfaction.

Capricorn: Charlotte (Westworld)

Though there are a few twists the audience doesn’t see coming with Westworld’s Charlotte, she is certainly a Capricorn. The executive is led by her ambition and her work ethic, allowing nothing to come between her and her goals.

For a lot of Capricorns, a sense of duty and a push to keep improving come before anything else in their lives. They are always striving to get to whatever they think is the top, and they’re not afraid of the hard work to get themselves there.

Aquarius: Samantha (Dear White People)

Dear White People

Before Dear White People became a Netflix series, it was a movie. Tessa Thompson appeared as Samantha, the role Logan Browning took on when the streamer adapted it into a show. Samantha is an activist for racial equality on her university campus, and she finds herself suddenly in the position to do something to make her beliefs a reality and change things for the better.

As the most rebellious of signs, Aquarius is the one most often to walk their own path, but they’re also the sign most likely to connect with a belief or a cause and take a firm stand for it. They aren’t afraid of the drama or the trouble that comes with it.

Pisces: Bianca (Creed)

Adonis and Bianca in Creed

Bianca is a creative individual, an aspiring musician trying to make it in the industry, when she falls for an up-and-coming boxer. Her creativity and empathic nature as she tries to help him get through a rough patch in his life make her a Pisces.

Pisces have a reputation for being the most emotional sign, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, they’re better at reading the emotions of others. They are very much outside-of-the-box thinkers though.

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