Why Cameran Eubanks & Chelsea Meissner Will Never Return To Southern Charm

Why Cameran Eubanks & Chelsea Meissner Will Never Return To Southern Charm

Even though Southern Charm fans miss Cameran Eubanks and Chelsa Meissner, viewers know that the two women will never return to the show.

Southern Charm fans are missing Cameran Eubanks and Chelsea Meissner from this season’s lineup, but it is pretty obvious that the two women will never return to the show. The former narrator and surfer have moved on to bigger and better things that don’t include the Bravo cameras. The new season has already introduced some new faces in hopes of fans finding new Southern Charm favorites.

Bravo fans were shocked when Cameran revealed she would not be returning to Southern Charm season 7 after rumors started to go around that her husband, Jason Wembly, was cheating on her. The mother of one blames Kathryn Dennis for spreading the false information, and the former Real World star decided that reality TV wasn’t for her anymore. In an act of solidarity, Chelsea also walked away from the show.


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There are multiple reasons why Southern Charm fans will most likely never see Cameran and Chelsea on the show again. One major point is that Cameran and Chelsea don’t want their lives filmed for national TV anymore. The grueling schedule would now be too much for Cameran, who is raising her daughter Palmer. Even though Chelsea also had her start on Survivor, the hairdresser is far past wanting to advertise her life anymore. Both women are very happy living under the radar and out of the public eye.

Since saying goodbye to Southern Charm, Cameran has made the most of her time. She has written her own memoir and has even started working on a children’s book. As for Chelsea, she mostly keeps her fans up to date on her travels. The former reality stars also post ads, meaning they are now working as part-time influencers. While Cameran and Chelsea may not be returning to reality TV anytime soon, they both still are very active on social media.

Southern Charm season 8 is currently airing on Bravo. The only remaining original cast members are Shep Rose, Craig Conver, and Kathryn. The three are still living in Charleston, South Carolina, trying to navigate their personal and professional lives. Naomie Olindo, who is close with both Chelsea and Cameran, has made her triumphant return after her own hiatus. Fans were hoping that Chelsea and Cameran would make a guest appearance, but it doesn’t seem likely. Nonetheless, fans shouldn’t give up complete hope as both women have reality TV in their blood, and Bravo could always make them an offer that could be difficult to turn down.

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