Why Confirmed Season 4 Could Be Worst Season

Why Confirmed Season 4 Could Be Worst Season

Welcome to Plathville season 4 was just recently confirmed by TLC. This could be the worst season for fans as the family is further divided.

What started as a show focusing on the simple lifestyle for the family of 11 has quickly become more about the fractured relationships among them. The family dynamic has strayed far from what it was when viewers first tuned in on November 5, 2019. The eldest Plath kids are yearning to get far away from their structured and restrictive upbringing as possible and to start anew. There is no doubt the new season will continue to bring about changes, but viewers will have to find out if those changes will be for the better.

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Fans wonder if fame may have ruined Olivia & Ethan’s marriage, and they won’t have to wait much longer to find out. According to Variety, TLC just announced the release date for season 4. Fans can follow along on the Plath’s new journey beginning Tuesday, May 17,  at 10 p.m. ET. The source states, “The 12-episode season will follow the Plath family as they explore new cities and navigate their ever-changing love lives.” Viewers are heavily invested in Ethan and Olivia, Moriah, Micah, and Lydia’s storylines, but everyone may not be as involved as they were previously.


Welcome to Plathville Family

Season 3 ended with what was once a tight-knit family growing even further apart, literally. Up until now the whole Plath family has lived in the same city, staying relatively close to each other. It is hard to know at this point how it will affect the show going forward now that the entire family won’t even be living in the same state anymore. The show is a hit because of how it tackles family issues and how each family member handles them differently. Since the family will be spread apart, the show may lose the very thing that propelled it to popularity: its proximity. They will now have to juggle relationships as well as distance.

Fans are left to wonder if some of their favorite Plath family members will continue to make an appearance. There may be Welcome To Plathville cast members not enjoying fame and the stress that accompanies it. The series has been full of tension, resentment, and frustration, which could cause some of the clan to distance themselves from it. As last season of Welcome to Plathville wrapped, it looked as if everyone had come to terms with acknowledging how their actions have played a part in how things turned out. Viewers will have to wait and see what season 4 has in store as the family’s journey continues.

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