Why Fans Are Loving Brandi Glanville On RHUGT Season 2

Why Fans Are Loving Brandi Glanville On RHUGT Season 2

The way Brandi Glanville is handling the conflict between Dorinda Medley and the rest of the cast on RHUGT season 2 is resonating well with viewers.

Fans are responding positively to the cast of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season 2, including Brandi Glanville. This combination of housewives is making for entertaining television, and the setting of Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor has provided a sense of familiarity. Some viewers are praising Brandi and love her approach to certain scenarios.

Many issues have come to light across the episodes of season 2. Unresolved conflict between the women has resurfaced, and some of the cast members who hadn’t – until now – spent much time together, are realizing they aren’t getting along too well. Brandi, Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, and Jill Zarin have each noticed that Dorinda’s behavior changes for the worse when she has been drinking, and even, on occasion, carries through to when she’s sober. In a recent episode, Brandi’s way of confronting Dorinda about this pleased viewers.


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Brandi sat down at the dining table with Tamra Judge, Vicki, and Taylor Armstrong the morning after a heated argument between Brandi and Taylor. Brandi tried to link Taylor’s ‘lack of success’ with the fact that her ex-husband ended his own life. When Dorinda inserted herself and tried to get Brandi to see sense and presented a hypothetical situation where Brandi’s child passed away, things got out of hand. At the dining table the following day, Brandi spoke delicately to the other women about how Dorinda has continued to sugarcoat her behavior and swiftly move on without apology. Reddit user Cvccccd said this approach was refreshing.

Later in the episode, viewers were treated to an unseen clip of Brandi speaking to Dorinda in the car. Brandi Glanville, who had been let go from her full-time housewife role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was honest with Dorinda. “I feel like I went through exactly what you’re going through now,” she said. “People are rooting for you and they love you, and they want to see season 1, 2, and 3 Dorinda. What they’re seeing now in the house… You’ll be put on pause forever.” Seeing her speak from experience and pass on wisdom resonated with viewers. Another Reddit user, addglittermakeitpop, agreed with the original post. “I have always loved Brandi and always will but in this particular episode she was pure gold,” they said. “True Brandi. She’s a mess with a heart!”

Given Brandi’s not-so-stellar history on RHOBH, even as recently as season 10 involving past housewife Denise Richards, fans have been impressed watching a more level-headed side to her. Brandi used her past experience to talk Dorinda down, and even as a way to remind her how much viewers have appreciated her presence on The Real Housewives of New York City. It’s giving people a new reason to love Brandi, and her stint on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip may even have a positive impact on her presence in the Bravo universe in the future.

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Source: Cvccccd/Reddit, addglittermakeitpop/Reddit


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