Why Ms. Marvel’s X-Men Tease Can’t Be Another Fakeout

Why Ms. Marvel's X-Men Tease Can't Be Another Fakeout

The MCU has to commit to their new reveal that Ms. Marvel is a mutant with an x-gene (rather than providing yet another X-Men fakeout).

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Ms. Marvel episode 6

While Ms. Marvel’s finale featured a major tease for the future of the X-Men, there’s no way it will be another fakeout like what’s been seen in past projects. Following significant changes to the powers and origins of Ms. Marvel, the episode 6 finale provided one last reveal about Kamala Khan’s abilities, generating quite a bit of buzz. Given the general knowledge that the X-Men are imminent for the MCU, it wouldn’t make much sense for this new tease to be just another red herring.

In Ms. Marvel episode 6, Kamala Khan saves the day by protecting her friend Kamran while also protecting innocent lives from his out-of-control powers. A week later, Kamala’s genius friend Bruno reveals that he needs to tell her something. Kamala and Bruno had been working together in previous episodes to determine the source of her light-based powers, which come from the Noor Dimension. However, it’s now been revealed that the reason only Kamala can access the power through her bangle is because of her unique genes: “…like a mutation.” 


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Combined with the theme from the X-Men ’97 animated series that briefly plays in the background, it’s very much implied that Ms. Marvel is a mutant, rather than an Inhuman as she is in the comics. As a result, this does mean that Kamala is the first officially confirmed mutant in the MCU’s Earth-616. While Evan Peters’ Quicksilver from Fox’s X-Men films appeared in WandaVision, it ended up being a fakeout when it was revealed he was just an actor named Ralph Bohner under the control of Agatha Harkness. Likewise, Sir Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier was featured in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, although he was from another universe and was quickly murdered by the Scarlet Witch.

The MCU Has To Commit To The X-Men & Mutants Reveal

Professor Xavier In Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

Rather than giving fans yet another X-Men related tease that ultimately doesn’t go anywhere, the confirmation that Kamala Khan has mutated genes feels much more genuine. It’s something that could and should be further developed when the rest of the X-Men and the world of mutants eventually arrive in the MCU—which is hopefully soon. With Disney having purchased 20th Century Fox and the X-Men franchise back in 2019, it seems the time has finally come to start building a path to integrate Marvel’s vast collection of mutant heroes.

While Kamala Khan being the first mutant is certainly unexpected, it’s a very exciting sign that the MCU is preparing for more substantial ties to mutantkind than ever before. Additionally, it would be very hard to turn Kamala’s X-gene into a fakeout later on down the road. Thankfully, Ms. Marvel’s finale reveal feels like a major step forward in the right direction for the X-Men.

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