Why My Wife And Kids Was Cancelled Before Season 6

Why My Wife And Kids Was Cancelled Before Season 6

My Wife and Kids was one of ABC’s best-loved sitcoms but was cancelled before its sixth season, leaving viewers with an unresolved cliffhanger.

My Wife And Kids ran for five successful seasons between 2001 and 2005, but why was My Wife and Kinds cancelled before season 6? Created by Damon Wayans and Don Reo, ABC’s My Wife And Kids was one of the longest-running Black American sitcoms of the early 2000s. Wayans starred as Michael Kyle, the patriarch of an upper-middle-class black family living in Stamford, Connecticut with his wife Jay, played by Tisha Campbell-Martin. The show focused on the couple and their three children Junior (George O. Gore II), Kady (Parker McKenna Posey), and Claire – who was played by Jazz Raycole during My Wife and Kids season 1 but was replaced in subsequent seasons by Jennifer Freeman after the role was recast in Wayans’ series. Considering the show had some tenure behind it, why was My Wife and Kids cancelled?


Fans of the series may remember My Wife and Kids season 5, episode 26 “The ‘V’ Story” ended with a cliffhanger. Directed by Tisha Campbell-Martin, the episode centered around Jay reading a newspaper article about a 67-year-old woman giving birth and asking Michael to get a vasectomy to prevent any future baby-shaped surprises. When he chickens out, Jay volunteers to get a hysterectomy instead, but Michael eventually comes around. Just as he tells Jay he’s willing to get the snip, however, she informs him it doesn’t matter anymore because she’s pregnant. Right after this episode, the network refused to produce My Wife and Kids season 6, and ABC subsequently cancelled the show leaving zero closure for audiences.

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Viewers never got to see how that cliffhanger played out since My Wife and Kids season 6 never came to fruition. The very same day “The ‘V’ Story” aired, news broke that ABC had cancelled My Wife and Kids for reasons initially unknown, alongside a number of other shows including fellow sitcom 8 Simple Rules and the crime drama Blind Justice. Rather than produce My Wife and Kids season 6, ABC instead chose to give its Tuesday 8 pm slot to the Jim Belushi (Twin Peaks) fronted sitcom According to Jim. So, why exactly would a big-time network like ABC decide to get rid of one of the longest-running Black sitcoms of the early 2000s? Here are the reasons why the family-driven sitcom My Wife and Kids was cancelled.

Why My Wife and Kids Was Cancelled

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If anyone or anything is to blame, it’s the success of the singing competition show American Idol. Falling ratings and ABC executives feeling the sitcom had played itself out were reportedly to blame for My Wife And Kids being suddenly cancelled. Stephen McPherson, the then president of ABC, also stated that American Idol – which was then airing on Fox on Tuesday nights – was damaging the ratings of ABC’s Tuesday night comedies. It’s hard to believe that the sitcom had “played itself out” when My Wife and Kids season 6 would’ve picked up on a life-changing note. Fans of the show could’ve only guessed what sort of hijinks could’ve occurred during and after Jay’s pregnancy. Especially considering the fact that the baby was a surprise, to begin with. However, falling ratings are usually the main reason why a beloved sitcom is cancelled.

Will My Wife And Kids Season 6 Happen?

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According to Wayans, My Wife and Kids’ cancellation came as a shock to him since he was under the impression from ABC his show had been picked up for the 2005-2006 season. That explains why the My Wife and Kids season 5 finale concluded with a big cliffhanger: because Wayans thought it would be addressed in the next season. Unfortunately, My Wife and Kids season 6 never came and fans of the show are still left wondering what became of the Kyle family and their new addition. It’s highly unlikely that the show will be brought back, as Damon Wayans has since moved on to different roles.

That being said, reboots happen all the time and the actors’ son Damon Wayans Jr. has proved his comedic ability during his run as Coach on the sitcom New Girl. In this day and age, a “never say never” attitude can generally be taken when it comes to the myriads of reboots that come down the pipeline, and while nothing is in the works for My Wife and Kids season 6 it doesn’t mean that a reboot idea couldn’t be visited at some point. Unfortunately, there’s been no news ever since My Wife and Kids was cancelled, despite the fact that Damon Wayans Jr. has enough talent to take over the role of Michael Kyle (or at least his own variation of it).

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