Why So Many People Dislike James Corden

Why So Many People Dislike James Corden

James Corden appears in Kay Cannon’s Cinderella, and this has triggered a re-emergence of the anti-Corden discourse. But why don’t people like him?

James Corden became widely popular thanks to his role as a late-night talk show host, but even though everyone knows who he is, he isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite and many people have expressed their dislike towards him – and here’s why. James Corden is an actor, comedian, and singer, but he’s perhaps best known as a TV host thanks to The Late Late Show with James Corden. Corden succeeded Craig Ferguson as host of The Late Late Show in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular talk show hosts in recent years, but that popularity doesn’t always come with the audience’s full approval. So, why do so many people dislike James Corden?


Before he took on the duty of late-night host, the Yesterday movie actor James Corden was already a well-known name in the UK thanks to his previous comedy works. Corden rose to fame with his role as Jamie Rymer in the British drama Fat Friends and from 2007 to 2010 he co-starred and co-wrote the sitcom Gavin & Stacey, for which he received a lot of praise from critics as well as a variety of awards. On the big screen, Corden has made a variety of movie appearances, mostly comedies, with his biggest roles being those of The Baker in Into the Woods, Bustopher Jones in Cats, Barry Glickman in The Prom, and has voiced characters like Peter Rabbit in the movies of the same name and Biggie in Trolls. Although all this could easily make him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, the Cats actor James Corden has been deemed “annoying” and has earned the dislike of the audience over the years; there are various reasons for that.

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The James Corden hate re-emerged on social media following his involvement in Kay Cannon’s Cinderella, where he not only served as a producer but also played one of Cinderella’s mice friends who are turned by fairy godparent Fab G (Billy Porter) into footmen. To promote the release of Cinderella, Corden and co-stars Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel prepared a flash mob as part of The Late Late Show in a segment titled “Crosswalk The Musical”. Viewers and those who went through the experience of living the “musical” took social media to complain about how inconsiderate it is to stop traffic at an intersection and how uncomfortable they were to see James Corden (who has appeared in several movie/musicals) dancing in a mouse costume. This is not the first time the audience voiced their annoyance towards Corden, as when he was announced as the host of the special reunion episode of Friends, some fans of the series went as far as to say they would rather not have a Friends reunion than one hosted by Corden.

Why So Many People Dislike James Corden

The reason why so many people dislike James Corden has been fueled by different events, both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. Critics cite that they don’t buy his “nice guy” image and find him to be rude and fake in interviews and in his show when talking to his guests, where he sometimes interrupts or talks over them, which some viewers find to be very rude. The Peter Rabbit 2 actor has also been accused of a “constantly needs to sing over” his guests in the fan-favorite segment “Carpool Karaoke”, and others believe he has crossed the fine line between funny and offensive multiple times. There are also numerous accounts on different websites of not-so-nice encounters with Corden in restaurants, events, and even an incident on a plane, though it’s important to note that these stories should be taken with a big grain of salt. There are, however, a couple of incidents caught on camera of Corden’s attitude, the most famous (or infamous) one being a very uncomfortable encounter with Patrick Stewart at an awards show ceremony.

It doesn’t help that his performance in The Prom as a gay character was seen as stereotypical and offensive, and him being nominated for a Golden Globe Award for it only enraged the audience even more, and Corden has also reportedly been rude to the staff of some of the projects he has been involved in. The answer to why people don’t like James Corden, then, is complicated, as some attribute it to the audience not wanting to see actors from across the pond succeed in Hollywood, his comedy being “bland”, having to rely heavily on celebrity cameos rather than on the quality of his comedy, and his off-screen behavior. So many people’s dislike of James Corden has spawned a petition against his Wicked casting. Even with all that hate around him, James Corden doesn’t seem to be going anywhere far from Hollywood, as he continues to host The Late Late Show and will surely continue taking part in different film and TV projects.

What James Corden Is In Next: Upcoming TV & Movie Projects

Romesh Ranganathan, James Acaster, and James Corden

Despite the James Corden hate it’s definitely not keeping the actor down, even if people find James Corden annoying. The Peter Rabbit franchise is set to continue after the soft announcement of Peter Rabbit 3. Shortly after the release of Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway director Will Gluck announced that he’s already working on the script for the next sequel. James Corden’s movie appearance as the protagonist wasn’t initially well-received for the first film but he’ll be returning as the character nonetheless. James Corden’s TV appearances as of late also include the upcoming show Mammals which is currently in post-production. Not much is known about the television series other than that it stars The Shape of Water’s Sally Hawkins and Belfast’s Colin Morgan. The basic premise follows a number of married couples during the ups and downs of their relationship. In addition to these Corden will be continuing his standing gig as the main host of The Late Late Show. It’s clear that the many reasons why people dislike James Corden aren’t stopping the star’s career in voiceover and television work.

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