William Shatner Joins Netflix’s Masters Of The Universe

William Shatner Joins Netflix's Masters Of The Universe

Netflix’s upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation sequel series, Revolution, has cast Star Trek’s William Shatner in an undisclosed role.

William Shatner has joined the cast of Masters of the Universe: Revolution, Netflix’s upcoming Revelation follow-up. A spiritual sequel to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation hit the streaming service last year to much fanfare and debate. The animated series was released in two parts. Smith made the controversial decision to focus more on the character of Teela rather than He-Man, which sparked a great deal of backlash from a certain section of the Masters of the Universe fanbase. Nevertheless, Revelation still earned positive reviews.


In Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Teela races against time to prevent the impending destruction of the universe while trying to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the Sword of Power. As the show progresses, the secrets of Castle Grayskull are revealed, and the finale ends with a thrilling climax that sees Motherboard, a member of The Horde from She-Ra, assimilating Skeletor. A second season seemed very likely, but it has since been confirmed to take a slightly different approach. Smith and his creative team will return for the sequel series Masters of the Universe: Revolution, which will bring the focus back to the battle between He-Man and Skeletor.

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During the Masters of the Universe 40th Anniversary Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which Screen Rant attended, it was announced that Shatner has joined the cast of Masters of the Universe: Revolution. No further details were provided regarding the Emmy winner’s role, nor was it confirmed if Shatner would appear as a series regular or in a recurring role.

William Shatner as Kirk in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

Masters of the Universe: Revolution marks the latest voice role for Star Trek’s original Captain James T. Kirk, as he currently narrates the British stop-motion children’s TV series Clangers and recently voiced Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the 2017 DC film Batman vs. Two-Face. Assuming Revelation’s cast will be returning, Shatner now joins Mark Hamill in Masters of the Universe: Revolution. This has many fans excited, considering it means there will be a big Star Trek and Star Wars crossover in the new show. Kirk and Luke Skywalker may very well meet onscreen after all.

Due to a lack of details on Masters of the Universe: Revolution, it’s difficult to predict what role Shatner could play. For the sequel series, a high-stakes battle has been promised for Eternia, which will not only see He-Man taking on the familiar foe Skeletor, but also an additional threat that he will also need to defeat. The new villain will likely be a key figure from the evil Horde faction, so Shatner could potentially play that mysterious figure. However, this theory cannot be confirmed until Netflix unveils new information about the Masters of the Universe: Revelation follow-up show.

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