Wonder Woman Character Guide (Best Tips & Strategies)

Wonder Woman Character Guide (Best Tips & Strategies)

Take on the mantle of Wonder Woman, an early unlockable character and one of the sixteen original characters for the release of MultiVersus.

One of the playable characters in the fighting platformer MultiVersus is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature herself: Wonder Woman. MultiVersus is the newest fighting game set to rival its competitor Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. MultiVersus brings in characters from across the Warner Bros. universe, from other DC superheroes to cartoon characters. However, of the original 16 MultiVersus characters available at launch, the mighty Wonder Woman is one of the obvious choices for players looking for a strong Tank and fighter.

MultiVersus is open for many different game modes. Players can do single-player matches, local multiplayer, online PvP, and more. There are many options to play and just as many builds for each character. Players looking to stick with Wonder Woman as their primary fighter should know which moves, attacks, and abilities are best to create an unstoppable powerhouse.


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Wonder Woman is unlocked after finishing the basic tutorial, so players will likely use her early and often while playing MultiVersus. Wonder Woman works best as a Tank with horizontal attacks, so choose her for 2v2 mode, where she can take some hits and seriously damage the opposition.

Woman Woman Strategies and Moves for MultiVersus

MultiVersus Wonder Woman character guide Perks

As a Tank, MultiVersus’ Wonder Woman works best when taking damage and assisting teammates. She has some decent horizontal attacks, so players should use moves that support her tanking endeavors while dealing decent damage. These are her best moves:

Lasso of Truth, Neutral + Special – this brings enemies close to Wonder Woman, taking the heat off teammates and allowing her to deal heavy damage.Warrior’s Charge, Side + Special on the ground – unlike the Lasso of Truth, which brings enemies to Wonder Woman, the Warrior’s Charge will bring Wonder Woman to the enemies. It also creates a shield as she moves closer, which helps her tank more effectively. If players hold down the special button, she will keep her shield raised, and it will destroy any projectiles.Soaring Punch, Side + Special in the air – this move is a side special that sends Wonder Woman flying through the air, at eye level, with a dashing punch. It works well as an attack and a maneuver.Flying Warrior, Up + Special on the ground – this attack sends Wonder Woman into the air, shield raised. It’s effective as an attack, a defense against incoming attacks, and a temporary platform for allies to use as a jumping point.Defense of the Gods, Down + Special on the ground – this move will clear any debuffs for players and their nearby allies. It provides temporary invincibility but has a cooldown period afterward.

Wonder Woman also has decent Perks, which are special abilities. Players can have four perks active at a time. There are two types of perks: Signature Perks, which are MultiVersus character-specific, and Universal Perks which any character can use. Each character has two Signature Perks that unlock at levels 8 and 10. Wonder Woman’s Signature Perks are the Whip of Hephaestus, which deals a powerful knockback, and the Grapple of Hermes, which extends her lasso and can grapple terrain. The following are Wonder Woman’s best Perks as a Tank character used in multiplayer matches:

Kryptonian Skin- 4% less damage for the team; unlocks at level 2Coffeezilla- 10% cooldown reduction for the team; unlocks at level 4Whip of HephaestusGrapple of HermesBack to Back- 6% less damage when near a teammate; unlocks at level 11Shield of Athena- Dodging creates a barrier that blocks projectiles; unlocks as level 12The Purest of Motivations- The team deals 15% more damage for 10 seconds after an ally is rung out; it unlocks at level 13

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MultiVersus will release on July 26 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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