WWE 2K22: MyFaction Evolution Cards Guide

WWE 2K22: MyFaction Evolution Cards Guide

The MyFaction game mode in WWE 2K22 allows players to create their own team of wrestlers. Evolution cards can evolve through challenges.

The MyFaction game mode in WWE 2K22 has Evolution cards that players can use to evolve their wrestlers within their faction. These cards will upgrade through sustained play and completing of challenges. Upgrading Evolution cards will give players the optimal experience with the MyFaction mode.

MyFaction is the 2K version of the EA Sports Ultimate Team mode. Players will get two sets of four cards that will create their wrestling faction. One set of four will be all male wrestlers, while the other set of four will be all female wrestlers. These cards have different levels that determine how good the version of the wrestler will be in WWE 2K22.


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However, with Evolution cards, the player is not stuck with the level card they start with in WWE 2K22 MyFaction. These cards will raise the version of the player’s wrestler after playing through matches with them. Some of the cards can evolve as high as the Diamond level, which is the highest level for a MyFaction card.

How To Use Evolution Cards In WWE 2K22 MyFaction

There are seven levels of MyFaction cards within WWE 2K22. These levels rank as follows:


Once the player receives a non-Evolution card, they can use it immediately on their wrestling stable in the level presented. However, Evolution cards can start as low as Bronze and can raise as high as Diamond in some cases.

MyFaction cards can come from Starter Packs, special editions of the game purchased (for example the nWo 4-Life Edition), and from Locker Codes in WWE 2K22. Some of these cards can be Evolution cards, which will be marked with multiple gems above the name. These gems will represent how far the card can evolve.

For instance, the player may receive a Gold Becky Lynch from a Starter Pack. Above her name on the card, there will be a Gold gem filled in and an empty Emerald gem. This means that the player can upgrade the card from Gold to Emerald, but not any further. The player could also receive an Emerald Undertaker ’98 and above his name on the card, they will see a filled-in Emerald gem, and then empty Sapphire, Amethyst, and Diamond gems. This means the Undertaker ’98 can be upgraded all the way to the Diamond level one level at a time.

Once hovered over the card in MyFaction in WWE 2K22, the player will see the required challenges to upgrade the cards on the top right-hand side of the screen. Many of these challenges include causing specific amounts of damage to opponents, landing a specified amount of moves and attacks, and winning matches in specific manners. Therefore, it is vital that the player adds this card to their stable immediately upon receipt to start leveling up those Evolution cards.

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WWE 2K22 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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