Xur Has Survivor’s Epitaph With a Weird Masterwork in Destiny 2

Xur Has Survivor's Epitaph With a Weird Masterwork in Destiny 2

Xur is back in Destiny 2 for the weekend, and can be found in the Winding Cove in the EDZ. In what has become something of a running theme with him lately, he’s selling some weapons with Masterwork perks that they shouldn’t have. In this case, he’s got a Survivor’s Epitaph with an Impact Masterwork, and, like he was a few weeks back, a Vulpecula with the same.

That’s kind of neat, though the Masterwork doesn’t seem to have any effect on either weapon. Despite Hand Cannons having an Impact stat, the masterwork doesn’t actually have any in-game benefit. The Impact stat on both the Survivor’s Epitaph and the Vulpecula will increase to a total of 80 when fully Masterworked, but that seems to simply be a visual bug.

For those following along at home, Xur seems to be broken. A whilea go, he sold a Corsair’s Wrath with a Blast Radius Masterwork. And back in June, he was selling a Stars in Shadow Pulse Rifle with a perk that changed every once in a while. Before that, he had a Chrysura Melo Auto Rifle with an Accuracy Masterwork.

As far as the actual rolls on the Hand Cannons go, the Survivor’s Epitaph has Feeding Frenzy and Moving Target, which isn’t fantastic for PVE or PVP. The Vulpecula has Killing Wind and Adagio, which again, isn’t great on a weapon that can roll killer perks like Headstone. Grab them to add to your collection of Xur’s Mistakes, if you like. Can we even call them mistakes at this point? Is this Bungie hinting at something in the future? If so, it’s a pretty odd way of doing it.

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